Turn left for 3 km towards Souk Jemaa Ghmat, a small popular town. Ghmat was once a powerful independent city before it was conquered and devastated in 1060 by the Almoravids in Marrakech. Little by little, the population emigrated to the Red City, to return to Ghmat at the time of the Almohads. The Marinid sultans made Ghmat an important Koranic centre by endowing the city with a medersa and restoring the ramparts, which have now disappeared. Ghmat then became a major commercial centre on the road to the South: fabrics, perfumes, drugs and precious stones were transported there. The city is the starting point for many trading expeditions to Sudan and Niger, expeditions that bring back black slaves, gold powder and spices from their distant journeys. The inhabitants of Ghmat often allege that Marrakech leather is actually made in their city until the sultans forced leather craftsmen to work for them within the walls of Marrakech. Like many small towns, Ghmat claims the anteriority of this production which made the glory of Marrakech. Souk on Friday.

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