The Ardennes is a green, hilly department rich in waterways. Literature occupies a prominent place in it. The linked writers are true legends. In Langres, Diderot, a native of the city, is honoured by a museum. It is also the land of poets, notably with the sulphurous Verlaine and Rimbaud (native of Charleville-Mézières). In Juniville, the Auberge du Lion d'Or has been converted into a Verlaine Museum. On 1,500 square metres, you can discover the life of the man for whom "there are in France regions as beautiful as the Ardennes, there may not be any more beautiful". Rimbaud is not to be outdone: the Vieux Moulin de Charleville is home to manuscripts, including that of Vowels (Alexandrian sonnet written in 1871 or early 1872 and published only on 5 October 1883 in the magazine Lutèce). You can also swim in the two lakes: Lac des Vieille-Forges and Lac de Bairon. But you can also visit the Charleville-Mézières animal park, located on the borders of Aiglemont and Saint-Laurent, which is home to more than a hundred animals representative of the fauna of the Ardennes - wild boars, deer, roe deer, hinds, fallow deer, etc. - that live in semi-liberty. And finally, take a stroll in the national nature reserve of the Pointe de Givet, in the north of the department, which covers more than 354 hectares of forests, moors, dry grasslands and rocky escarpments (steep cliffs, scree, cave entrances).

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When to go to the Ardennes? All year round you can hike and cycle along the marked hiking and mountain bike trails that make the ridges of the Pre-Ardennes the "hiking" destination of the Ardennes. Visit the museums of Rimbaud, Verlaine and Diderot. From October 1st to January 1st you will hunt wild boar in a hunt. During the fishing season, you will titillate the fish on nearly 250 hectares of water bodies. From June 15 to September 15, swim and relax on the fine sandy beach of Lac des Vieille-Forges.

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When to travel?

When to go to the Ardennes? All year round you can hike and cycle along the marked hiking and mountain bike trails th...
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The climate of the department is considered as continental degraded in the north because it rains a lot in autumn and...
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