The Brazilian national park was created in 1939, a few years after the creation of the Argentinean park. Argentines often say that the falls are on their side, but Brazilians enjoy the view. In fact, only the Brazilian side of the falls can be contemplated as a whole. For beautiful photos, the morning and its softer light is the ideal moment.

At the entrance, visitors have the possibility to take the free bus that makes stops along the main road to the final viewpoint. This is a good option, because the distance from the entrance is long, the price of the bus is ridiculously low, and the interest in walking along the road is limited!
Along the way, it is possible to either stop at different bus stops or take a walk through the forest leading to the Paraná River or to a parallel river (on either side of the road). You can also take a walk and a boat trip to the foot of the falls or go rafting!

The falls circuit. The last two stops of the bus are the most interesting. They correspond to the entrance and exit (in any direction) of the panoramic path overlooking the falls. The closest one to the entrance is the one of the Hotel Belmond, a luxury complex from the 1960's that blends better into the landscape than the mastodons on the Argentinian side! The footpath that runs along the river from the Hotel Belmond offers different views of the falls over more than 1 km. It is embellished, at the end, as on the Argentinean side, by a suspension bridge over the water that leads in front of the spectacular waterfalls.

It is necessary to plan half a day for this side of the park, against a full day on the Argentinean side. Beware of the coatis who watch out for the tourists' lunches! They bite and scratch.

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