At 109 km from Erfoud, you will come across the small palm grove of Alnif and its village, which can also be used as a stopover thanks to a few small hotels-restaurants. Another way in, by the right track coming from Tinghir. This city, organized along the road to Zagora, has a major interest that deserves you to stop there. And which will delight history, archaeology and geology enthusiasts, as well as the simply curious. The Alnif region is rich in fossils, especially trilobites. If some people make you think of horrible monsters, trilobites are actually part of man's ancestors. They populated the oceans of the primary era (550 to 245 million years BC) before giving way to the dinosaurs and then to humans. "Trilobite" because it is made up of three parts: the cephalon (head); the thorax; the pygidium (tail). Some call Alnif "the capital of the trilobite". There are also rock engravings in the vicinity. For more explanations, organize an excursion or simply buy a trilobite, several geologists occupy the place and compete with each other. Our preference is for Haddach Trilobite...

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