Imilchil is located at an altitude of 2,200 metres and is made up of about twenty Berber villages whose mud houses are generally next to the Assif Mellou River. This small village, lost in the heart of the High Atlas mountains, is known for the moussem of the fiancées which takes place at the end of September in the neighbouring village of Aït Hddidou Ameur (ask at the tourist offices for the precise dates, which change every year according to the lunar cycles). Young girls and boys from the region come here to celebrate their engagement or even to try to find their soul mate. The moussem takes place over three days. The first is the occasion for a gigantic cattle souk, the second is partly devoted to the preparation of the next day's feast and partly to the ordinary souk, the third is the day of engagement, folk songs and dances. The village is invaded by the inhabitants of the region and the tourists who came en masse on a 4x4 tour organized by tour operators from Marrakech, Erfoud and Ouarzazate. The music stations pushed to the limit, a perpetual hubbub in a smell of livestock and Berber food, all this forms the backdrop to one of the most famous moussems in Morocco.

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