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Les 10 stations de métro qui ressemblent plus à des musées souterrains

Subway, work, sleep and sometimes it's beautiful! Parisian transport users have very little opportunity to be amazed during their daily commute (except for the Arts et Métiers station on line 11) and yet many countries have turned their undergrounds into a place of wonder. Renowned artists, architects and designers have fashioned the platforms and corridors of the subways in Naples, Stockholm, Kiev and Moscow into little gems. But like ...

Xi'an et Hangzhou, deux merveilles de l'Empire du Milieu

If China is full of natural and cultural treasures, Xi'an and Hangzhou are two unmissable spots when exploring the Middle Kingdom. Xi'an was the capital of the Empire under the first Qing Emperor and the city contains many remains of this imperial splendour. Above all, people come from all over the world to admire the site of the terracotta army. In Hangzhou, which hosted the world's leading leaders for the G20 last September, there will ...

Les plus belles célébrations du Nouvel An chinois

Based on the cycles of the moon and sun, the Chinese New Year's date varies every year. On this occasion, festivities are organized in many cities. The streets are decorated in red to chase away evil spirits and grandiose fireworks are fired before giving way to the famous parades. Petit Futé offers you a top 10 best places to celebrate the Chinese New Year! San Francisco The Chinese community of San Francisco is the largest in the world ...