A fragment of mammoth tusk, a jaw of a baby mammoth, found in the sediments of the Scladina Cave in Sclayn (Andenne - BE). The pachyderm did indeed walk on the ground in our region several tens of thousands of years ago...
The exhibition "MAMMOUTH ! Steppe by steppe" will plunge young and old into a unique experience between science, history and poetry. Mammoth, woolly rhinoceros, reindeer, snowy owl, hyena... find them all in a unique setting, specially created by the watercolourist Véronique Nys-François.
Touch the hair or the tooth of a mammoth... and listen to the story, between science and tale, of Véronique de Miomandre.
Practical information
From 02 December 2021 to 01 May 2022
EMA - 37 Promenade des ours in 5300 Andenne
Prices :
Adults: 12 eu
7 to 17 years old : 5 eu
-7 years old : free
Reduced rate : 5 eu (ICOM, teachers, article 27)
Admission to the temporary exhibition gives access to the two permanent exhibitions of the EMA and includes the rental of the audio guide.
Info ? www.lephare-andenne.be/mammouth
Site : https://lephare-andenne.be/mammouth/
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