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What to see, what to do Mexico?

The 10 good reasons to go Mexico


Pre-Columbian jewels

The cities built by the pre-Hispanic peoples are full of ancestral secrets.


Fascinating cities

From the hectic capital to the beautiful colonial cities, you will be amazed.


A country of contrasts

Here, deserts rub shoulders with tropical forests bordered by the turquoise waters of the ocean


Heavenly beaches

The coastal fringes, including the Yucatán peninsula, offer postcard landscapes


Natural wonders

Cenotes, canyons, volcanoes, craters, crystal caves: so many geological wonders.


An exceptional nature

An exuberant fauna and flora to discover in vast natural reserves.


Adventure tourism

Climbing a volcano, diving with sharks, surfing, rafting, mountain biking... So many sensations!


A welcoming population

The warmth, humour and kindness of the Mexicans will make your stay more enjoyable.


The land of the fiesta

A few glasses of tequila, a group of mariachis and it's off for the night!


An explosion of flavours

A colourful and tasty gastronomy, which regales us with a great diversity.

What to visit Mexico?

guide de voyage,  - © Benedek

Mexico City's must-sees

¡ Bienvenidos in Mexico City! When Hernán Cortés first lived the splendid city of Mexico City, he described it as Athens from America. Born of a pre-Hispanic civilization rich in history, legend is that the town's place was chosen during a meeting with an eagle perched on a cactus, sign of the ideal location according to the oracles. While Mexico lost its aztec footprint following conquistadors, it did not bequeath its legacy to the ...

Good to know to visit Mexico

Timetable Timetable

As a rule, museums are open from Tuesday to Sunday from 10 am to 5 pm. In smaller towns or less touristy areas, museums may also be closed on Tuesdays or Sundays and during the lunch break, from 2 to 4 pm. Normally, the archaeological areas open every day from 9am to 5pm; it is recommended to arrive as soon as they open to avoid the crowds and have time to spare. Please note that the archaeological sites do not allow visitors to enter until about 1.5 hours before closing time.

To be booked To be booked

Reservations are generally not required, except for very touristy sites and the few places that require them (for example, the Museo Frida Kahlo in Mexico City). If you want to go on a small group tour, it may be a good idea to book before you leave, especially if your time there is limited and your schedule is not flexible.

Budget & Tips Budget & Tips

Most of the sites have an entrance fee between $50 and $100, sometimes more than double for the very touristy places. Some sites offer special rates to Mexicans or residents of their state. Students, teachers, children, and seniors (65+) often receive reduced rates, regardless of their country of origin, upon presentation of an ID and/or business card

Main events Main events

Mexico offers festivals, shows and performances throughout the year. In February, Carnival is celebrated in many cities, but Mazatlán and Veracruz have the most impressive celebrations. The National Independence Day is celebrated in September. On this occasion, the head of state rings the bells of the Zocaló in Mexico City and pushes the grito to commemorate the heroes of the revolution. Finally, the most important festival of the country takes place at the beginning of November: El Diá de los Muertos is for the Mexicans the occasion to celebrate their dead in a big explosion of colors and joy

Guided tours Guided tours

We cannot recommend enough that you take the services of a guide to discover the archaeological zones. Unfortunately, the explanatory notes are often limited (if not non-existent) and you miss out on fascinating information about the pre-Hispanic peoples and their customs. Organized tours are an excellent way to explore the many facets of Mexico and meet the people in the local communities. This is a particularly good option for those who do not have a vehicle and are unable to explore a region on their own. In every city where there are tourists, travel agencies offer a variety of tours lasting several hours or days. Ask your hotel or youth hostel for more information. In some cities, guided walking tours are offered free of charge by Free Tour ( You should always leave a tip for your guide, but be especially generous when you take a free tour.

Smokers Smokers

Smoking is strictly prohibited indoors. Archaeological areas, nature reserves and some protected areas are completely smoke-free. In Mexico City, smoking in the Centro Historico has recently become a fine. Smoking is not prohibited on the beaches, although some members of parliament are trying to change the law. In any case, be respectful of the environment and do not leave your cigarette butts lying around.

Tourist traps Tourist traps

If you want to hire a guide to visit an archaeological area or a tourist site, beware of those who ask you at the entrance, they are not official guides and their skills are not guaranteed. If you do not find an official guide, do not hesitate to talk to the guides who asked for you at the entrance to gauge their level of knowledge, their English (if you are not sufficiently at ease in Spanish) and to find out their rates.

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