A beautiful village perched in the mountains, only 1 hour from Tizi Ouzou, in the community of communes of Bouzeguène. It is really very picturesque with pretty cobbled streets whose walls are decorated with multiple murals, works of artists from the festival Raconte-arts 2019 (travelling festival in Kabylia). These frescoes bring a real arty cachet to Sahel, which also has the advantage of being at altitude and offering a breathtaking view of the surrounding nature.

Another specificity of this village of barely 3,000 souls is that it is 100% green, with a real policy of making the inhabitants responsible for recycling their waste and keeping their streets really clean. Even cigarette butts are banned from the street under penalty of a fine. As a result, Sahel was awarded the prize for the cleanest village in Kabylia in 2019, a prize that several villages in the region compete for every year because it comes with a coquette sum that allows them to carry out projects to improve village life.

Among the other assets of Sahel: seven beautifully refurbished fountains where the inhabitants still go regularly to get water, traditions with a women's choir and the possibility to admire the work of craftsmen, such as a weaver, the inhabitants and their superb Kabyle dresses... For here almost all the women wear a traditional Kabyle dress, even if they live in a big city and occasionally come back to see their family.

To sum up, don't miss Sahel when visiting the Tizi Ouzou region, you may well fall under the spell, just like us!

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