Located about 15 km from Algiers between the mouth of the wadi El Harrach and Cape Matifou, Bordj El Kiffan takes its name from the fort built by the Ottomans in the sixteenth century. In the middle of the 19th century, some Mahonnais settled in the commune and developed market gardening along the coast.

Bordj El Kiffan means "Fort des Précipices" but the city was named Fort-de-l'Eau by the French during the colonial period.

A seaside resort renowned for its beaches (Altairac, Verte rive, Lido, etc.), its casino and its kebabs on the Grand Boulevard, the town remains very popular in the summer, especially among young people for its water parks.

Since 2011, the tramway links the commune to Mohammadia and Les Fusillés (Hussein Dey). An additional section extending the line from Bordj el Kiffan in the east to Café Chergui was inaugurated in 2014, before being extended by six additional stations to Dergana. This section has been open to the public since 2015.

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