Mount Chenoua, which rises to an altitude of 900 m, is the highest point of the Sahel mountains. The panorama from the summit, which can be reached in 2 to 3 hours on a path from Nador, is superb. Aleppo pines, thujas, olive trees and mastic trees share the vegetation. The inhabitants of Mount Chenoua speak Chenoui, a Berber dialect very close to the Thakvaylith (Kabyle) of Eastern Algeria. This language was a great inspiration for the famous novelist and filmmaker Assia Djebar. Her first short film, La Nouba des femmes du mont Chenoua, which has become a classic of Algerian cinema, immortalizes the stories of the women of the region and the incredible landscapes between Chenoua and Cherchell, where she was born.

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