It's a bit like the tourist hub of the National Park. This artificial lake is the largest in the country. In the summer, local and foreign tourists flock to the area by full trains, and the slopes are covered with tents. But at sunset and sunrise, we find a large mountain lake, peaceful and mysterious. The main villages bordering it are Horní Planá and Černá V Pošumaví, where a large number of accommodations are located (see above). Frymburk, south of the lake, is probably the most pleasant hamlet, the least denatured. You can ski near Lipno nad Vltavou, right by the lake, in the so-called Kramolín resort. Cross-country skiers will benefit from 40 km of trails and downhill skiers from 4 km. For this reason, the accommodation possibilities in Lipno are enormous and the infrastructure well developed (chairlift, indoor water leisure park, snowpark, etc.).

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