The arrival to Tábor (38,000 inhabitants) from Prague is magical and marks the foothills of South Bohemia: the forests are reminiscent of a distant and legendary world. The fog surprises you, the water reservoirs are perfect for an impromptu swim and the winding roads introduce a fairytale hilly landscape. Close enough to Prague to make a day trip, but interesting enough to deserve a little more, Tábor will amaze you with its narrow streets facing in all directions. Note that French speakers have no trouble being understood here, since the city is home to one of the four French high schools in the country.


The town on the river Lužnice really appeared on the historical scene in 1420: the most ardent followers of the preacher Jan Hus, who had been burned five years earlier at the stake in Constance, took refuge on this easily defensible elevation. They built a fortress from Kotnov Castle and named it Tábor, in reference to Mount Tabor in Palestine, where the Transfiguration of Christ took place. They are guided by Jan Žižka from Trocnov (1376-1424).

Since Tábor, these madmen of God for some, promoters of a new social order for others, have been organizing murderous raids in the region to spread their faith and challenge Catholic Europe. This is the beginning of the Hussite Wars. They will end in 1434 at the battle of Lipany. The city, elevated to the rank of royal city three years later, will lose some of its importance. Tábor's hour of glory was therefore short but significant. Even today, for all Czechs, the name Tábor is automatically associated with this bloody period of their history.

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