Golden Gate Bridge, cable buses and fog hills: Welcome to San Francisco! " The city by the way "is a symbol of freedom and tolerance, and all our prejudices about the US!


A cinema decor 

A race-chase in wandering streets, facades of a candy kitsch and a bridge immortalized by Alfred Hitchcock: We all have a movie scene made in San Francisco! This is the Golden Gate Bridge, a mythical book that straddles the strait of a giant step and offers panoramic views to the first strands of Alcatraz. The name of the island resists like the keyring of the famous prison where most illustrious criminals lived: Al Capone, Alvin Karpis and George "Machine Gun" Kelly. Revenue in the city, the star comes back to cable buses. These trams, still in service since 1873, are moving their bohemies along Nob Hill or Russian Hill and exposing their bodies to the museum dedicated to them. In the head also, the Painted ladies, these pastel dolls that brighten up the Alamo Square area and tucked on the high towers of the Transamerica Pyramid and Coit Tower.


This skated decor is animated by a cosmopolitan atmosphere, both traditional and avant-garde. Birthplace of the Summer of Love hippy and gay community, the city recently opened the Gay Lesbian Bisexual Transgender History Museum in the Castro district. Speaking of museums, the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art and its modern collections that pay tribute to Jackson Pollock, Paul Klee or Marcel Duchamp will be missed. The Asian Art Museum and its 15,000 original works measure the importance of the Asian population in the city. The Chinatown of SF is the third largest Chinese quarter in the world! On Grant Avenue, the Dragon Gate marks the beginning of this Asian bubble where fish markets, tea shops and typical restaurants guarantee the authenticity of the neighborhood. The Japanese community is also represented with the Japantown, more recent than Chinatown. The Japanese garden of the Golden Gate Park or the Peace Pagoda are unavoidable, as are the Kabuki theater which offers various Japanese shows.


Cosmopolitan atmosphere in the streets and plates 

Ethnic brewing and cultural diversity resonate in the kitchen. From lasagna to kogi, the spirit of the «Cal cuisine» is found above all on the freshness of fishery products and local farms. However, none of us overlook his fantasies of double meat and other cheese grilled that we swallow presto in a N-N-Out. For gourmets, the seafood platters come with a Napa, Sonoma or Russian River Valley cru. A detour in the north, towards country wine, is a delicious getaway for who cares about wines. At the beginning of the evening, we move to Mission, South of Market, North Beach, or Biddistance where the best cocktails of the city are tasted. It is said that this is where Martini was created! At the closing of bars, place in the round of nightclubs: Mezzanine, 1015 Folsom, Ruby Skye and The Endup, the Rendez-vous of the best international Djs that give the "muv" until dawn.


Far from the excitement of the bars, Golden Park offers a pleasant walk that some continue on the beach. Baker Beach, China Beach or Ocean Beach, by far the most popular Californians who don't get tired of the show given by the surfers of this recognized spot. In the south, we move from a torn and wild coast to the mystical landscapes of Big Sure. To the north, it is a return to the prehistoric era, in the realm of redwoods, these giant redwoods among the oldest in the world. There are also turquoise waters of Lake Tahoe and the Sierra Nevada, white and majestic. The cliffs and magnificent waterfalls in the Yosemite Park Valley are a paradise, while Mono Lake volcanic lands offer a lunar landscape.


Bastion of free thinkers, San Francisco is today prized by artists, nerves and marginalized people with its art of living so singular.


VISITOR INFORMATION CENTER. Very complete, the tourist office site provides many information for a stay in San Francisco. List of activities, accommodation, transport, good addresses… Nothing missing. There is even a section dedicated to weddings and a calendar of events.


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