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Les incontournables de la Californie

Passionate, fascinating, sometimes even revolting, California never leaves anyone indifferent. If the greatest have sung and filmed it, from the Eagles to the Red Hot Chili Pepper, the best thing is to live it to the fullest by exploring its territory as big as three quarters of France. Arid deserts, sprawling cities and authentic national parks: that's what awaits you on a road trip in the Golden State! Petit Futé takes you on a journey of ...

10 destinations pour revivre l'ambiance hippie

Inherited from the libertarians of the 1960s, hippie culture may well have the wind back in its sails! Indeed, what could be more topical than this fight against consumer society and this desire for hedonism? We're even betting on a very trendy return of the ephemeral pants and the flower shirt! Some places in the world have never abandoned this philosophy and still present themselves today as bastions of flower power. From the well-known ...

10 destinations pour manger végétarien

Vegetarian and epicurean, you want to travel to awaken your taste buds? It is true that in some countries, meat is cooked in all kinds of ways and it is very difficult to find a restaurant that offers a vegetarian alternative to the menu! To help you, Petit Futé has selected ten destinations that have become leaders in vegetarianism, based on the ranking of the online guide Happy Cow. From the United States to South Korea and Germany, a ...

San Francisco, cité gourmande et décalée

With some 40 hills, cable cars and fog on the Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco is a symbol of freedom of spirit, cultural diversity and joie de vivre unique in the United States. San Francisco is now a favourite with artists, intellectuals and marginalized people who are seduced by its unique way of life, and visiting it with one of its inhabitants is an experience not to be missed. Hiking, wine tastings, yoga classes, historical visits ...