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Stay : On the bike paths of Montreal

According to the American magazine Bicycling, Montreal is the best cycling city in North America. The metropolis is full of cycling paths that link it to La Route Verte (, and the most popular remains unquestionably Lachine Canal that stretches over 15 km from Vieux-Port to Lake Saint-Louis in the west. Here we offer three one-day tours. Get your piste map in a rental shop or at Vélo Québec ( 

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3 days

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Detail of the stay : On the bike paths of Montreal - 3 days

Day 1: Circuit between the islands

Steps: Montréal

Morning: Meet at the Old Port to begin this tour. Follow the Rue de la Commune to the south-west and follow the signs for the Cité du Havre and Habitat 67. These homes, created by architect Moshe Safdie at the 1967 World's Fair, are an urban, three-dimensional concept integrating the single-family home. Then take the Concorde Bridge to Île Sainte-Hélène. The bicycle path encircles the island and you can take advantage of it to visit, depending on your interests, the Biosphère (environment museum) or the Stewart Museum (history museum).

Lunch break and afternoon: Settle wherever you want for a picnic. However, we recommend the west side of the island, if only for the superb view of the river and the city. On very hot days, take advantage of this opportunity to take a dip in the pool. Then cross over to Île Notre-Dame where the bike path is actually the Formula 1 circuit. A very pleasant experience, but at a slower speed! As you ride along the circuit, you'll see some of the former Expo 67 pavilions, including the French and Quebec pavilions that now serve as a casino. South of the beach, an arm of land stretches out: the Seaway. Follow it as far as the Champlain Bridge ice boom. Go up to the Lachine Canal before heading northeast to the Old Port.

Dinner and evening: To end this beautiful day, settle down for a meal on one of the many terraces in Old Montreal. Enjoy the lively atmosphere of Place Jacques-Cartier and the Old Port in the evening.

Day 2: Gourmet walk

Steps: Montréal

Morning: This tour will lead you to the heart of Montreal's industrialization birthplace. From Vieux Port, you will go along the entire Canal de Lachine to Lake Saint-Louis. On the road, it is imperative to stop at Atwater Market in order to stock up on gourmet supplies for picnic. By following the canal, which has become a recreational area, you will see many plants and factories transformed into luxury homes.

Lunch break and afternoon: Arriving at the lock no. 5, go to René-Lévesque Park for a well-deserved break and a picnic with view of the lake. The return can be made by the same route (if so, take a stop at the terrace of McAuslan Brewing), or by taking the track following the LaSalle Boulevard in the south, via the Lachine rapids.

Dinner and evening: To follow a "health" theme, a vegetarian meal at Resto Végo, located in the Latin Quarter, is the current trend. After the meal, it's up to you to see what your level of tiredness is!

Day 3: Scientific Montreal

Steps: Montréal

Morning: Head towards Parc Olympique, either by taking the bike path of Rue Rachel or Rue Notre-Dame, along the river. Once you are on the spot, visit the beautiful Botanical Garden and the Insectarium, two famous nature museums.

Lunch break and afternoon: You can have a picnic at the adjoining Maisonneuve Park, or at the Station In Vivo in the Olympic Stadium, a café of social economy. Around the stadium, Esplanade Financière Sun Life offers many events all year round. Or why not discover the five ecosystems of the Americas at the Biodôme, or an adventure at the heart of astronomy at the Planetarium. Then take Rue Rachel to join Plateau Mont-Royal.

Dinner and evening: Evening meal and liqueur in the trendy neighbourhood of Le Plateau.

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