The former capital of Anhalt, which still has some beautiful historic buildings despite extensive destruction in the last war (80%), is the third largest city in Saxony-Anhalt. Industrialized and today economically rather depressed, it is above all synonymous with Bauhaus. This famous school of avant-garde architecture, the forerunner of all 20th century buildings, cubic, serial, functionalist and other Le Corbusier constructions, founded in 1919 in Weimar by the architect Walter Gropius, was transferred to Dessau in 1925. Its constructions can still be seen in some parts of the city. The creators of the Bauhaus wanted a functional, decent and inexpensive habitat, without ornaments, and accessible to all. Added to this is the creation of furniture and functionalist design. The aim of a visit to Dessau, apart from a glance at the town centre (Rathausplatz) which has some beautiful buildings, is above all to discover the Bauhaus. Dessau is the birthplace of the composer Kurt Weill, famous for his collaboration with Bertold Brecht.

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