The existence of the Iron Curtain during the forty years of communism had very contradictory effects: the military territories set up in the border regions made it possible to protect nature, particularly from uncontrolled urbanisation and tourism, but unfortunately they were also responsible for real ecological disasters (pollution of the water table, almost systematic clearing of land, etc.). In the Šumava, only the beneficial aspects seem to have played! The villages are of little interest, as they were often destroyed after the Sudeten Germans' expatriation, but the nature is superb, between large fir forests, the jungle of Mount Boubín, glacial lakes, peat bogs and rare flora, clear valleys and torrents, granite rocks and high pastures... The Šumava National Park (since 1991) has been a nature reserve: protection and renewal of nature, animal protection and landscape conservation. The Velky Autoatlas is a mine of valuable and recommended information for touring the region. We have selected for you some hiking trails, marked out, which deserve the trip.

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