One cannot omit the visit to Lauca National Park, whose border begins in Putre, during a trip to the north of Chile. Amazing lunar scenery, warm welcome in the village of Parinacota, it would be a shame not to enjoy it (Europeans don't need a visa).

This World Biosphere Reserve alone deserves a trip to the region. It is a paradise for birds (130 species), llamas, viscaches, alpacas and vicuñas... Archaeology enthusiasts will be able to visit Tambo Quemado or various sites in the area of Las Cuevas. It is also in Lauca Park that you can admire the Parinacota (6,342 m) and Pomerape (6,282 m) volcanoes that dominate Lake Chungara. It is truly one of the most impressive landscapes of the altiplano.

Entrance fee: The entrance to the national park is free.

Recommendations if you are travelling by car: make sure you leave with enough petrol, there are no petrol stations on the road and travel with a vehicle in good condition (check the tyres). Finally if you come directly from Arica, spend the night in Putre: the altitude rises quickly and it is important to acclimatize well (if you went to San Pedro just before, this should not be a problem). Moisturize, take sunscreen and cover up: it's cold but, paradoxically, the sun is beating down hard!

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