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Going out Cape Verde : 71 Results

Practical information : Going out Cape Verde


In Cape Verde, people like to go out at night and enjoy all the places that offer music. Generally, in restaurants, the bands start at the same time as the dinner to accompany it. But there are also clubs and pubs that specialize in live music where people go even later to share festive moments. Between happy hours and dance parties, the nightlife is especially developed in the cities and the tourist islands of Sal or Boa Vista, often even within the hotels or resorts. From 11 pm, it is the best time to look for the lively place you want. To do so, you just have to listen and follow the sound or the movement. After that, the night is yours...

Age restrictionsAge restrictions

It will be easy to see that alcohol in the form of grog or wine is widely produced and consumed in Cape Verde. However, there is a brand new law, approved in 2019, which has been much talked about, aimed at disciplining its distribution and protecting the health of the inhabitants, as alcoholism is a complex problem that is spreading more and more rapidly. In theory, the consumption of alcohol is allowed in licensed establishments, but it is clear that permissiveness often spills over into the streets, squares or anywhere. The different measures that have been voted are: the prohibition of advertisements promoting alcoholic beverages, consumption in the workplace and prevention from an early age... Although the State is alerted and acts by taking legal measures, the presence of these beverages in social relations and habits are unfortunately too anchored to be changed within the communities and the population in general. But don't let that stop you from falling under the spell of toddy... in moderation, of course


The anti-smoking law in Cape Verde (110/IV/95) is quite old and its concepts backward. It does not restrict smoking in workplaces, hotels or restaurants and does not protect children. When one considers that more than 53% of smokers in Cape Verde are under 18 years of age, according to a recent study, it is not surprising that laws on the issue of smoking are being put back on the table as the problem becomes a concern. The latest one only states that sales to minors are forbidden, as well as sales in bulk or in packages of less than 20 units. The practice and reality are quite different and you will have no problem finding cigarettes for retail sale, and outside licensed establishments, especially in villages and countryside. As you can see, there is still a lot to be done in this area.