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Restaurants Cape Verde : 232 Results

Practical information : Eating out Cape Verde


Dining options vary from one island to another, and even from one village to another. This also applies to the hours, and in some places, you can eat at any time. It is not uncommon to see Cape Verdeans sitting down in restaurants in the morning to have breakfast. Also, many establishments have the habit of opening relatively early to serve the famous cachupa, in all the islands, including in more touristy areas like Sal. Restaurants serving more specific cuisine, such as pizzerias, French cuisine or churrasquerias, will open at more traditional hours, from noon for lunch. Let's not forget that the locals love to travel on weekends with their families or groups, to spend long hours at the table (especially if there is a buffet), especially on the beach. This quickly gives the place a very festive atmosphere, if there is music, and there is a good chance that this is the case.

Budget & TipsBudget & Tips

It is estimated that the cost of living in Cape Verde is 40% lower, especially for eating out on the islands, than Western standards. Nevertheless, for a developing country, the prices charged in Cape Verde can sometimes be surprising. This is the case in the islands of Sal and Boa Vista, which are very touristy

What costs extraWhat costs extra

In restaurants and cafés, service is included in the bill. Tipping is therefore not mandatory, but it is very much appreciated and left to the discretion of the customer


Children are welcome in restaurants. However, it is rare to see special menus for them on the menu or on the menu cards. Since the dishes offered are quite adapted to the particular taste of young children - grilled meat or fish as well as the local cachupa - they will certainly find something to enjoy.


Tobacco legislation does not prohibit smoking in restaurants or cafés

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