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Les 10 destinations où partir avec un bébé

Reconciling the arrival of a newborn baby in the family with the desire to travel is not always easy. Indeed, we are often led to ask ourselves a multitude of questions about the course of the trip: will the time difference disrupt baby's rhythm? Will it be easy to get around? Will we be able to find all the necessary equipment? In reality, travelling with a baby is perfectly possible, not only in Europe but also in the rest of the world! Of ...

Les 10 escapades à offrir pour la Fête des mères

Mother's Day is coming up dangerously close... and you still don't have a present for your mom? We thought of you this week so you wouldn't end up with a last-minute poem to give. How about a surprise weekend getaway for the woman who's always taken such good care of you? European capital, Great North and Normandy, sunny or cultural destination par excellence, there is something for every taste and for every mother. So don't hesitate any ...

Top 10 des hôtels les plus romantiques du monde

Are you looking for the ideal place to spend a tender moment with your half? Valentine's Day is coming up and you want to surprise him/her? Petit Futé offers you its selection of the most romantic hotels in the world...No. 10 - Trezzini Palace hotel - St. PetersburgThis luxurious hotel is located in a historic palace in the old city of St. Petersburg. Its decoration, very "imperial", is typical of the great Russian palaces. A spa is at ...

10 destinations où il fait beau toute l'année

While summer is still struggling to arrive in France, some countries enjoy an optimal level of sunshine all year round. Perfect to boost your morale by taking a break in the sun, the destinations we have chosen will enchant you with their landscapes and weather. So don't forget to lighten up your suitcases, take your bathing suits and sunscreen with you: idleness on the beach and a picnic in the sun await you! From islands to metropolises, ...

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