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Art Souterrain : mise en valeur du patrimoine souterrain de la ville de Montréal

Art Souterrain is a unique festival. It aims to make visual art accessible to an ever-widening public by presenting projects outside traditional exhibition venues. This unique event in North America aims to showcase Montreal's underground architectural heritage. While waiting for the final program of the festival, we can already communicate on its theme: "Reset". The various highlights and artistic projects unveiled to the public will lead ...

Montréal en Lumière : de nombreuses festivités pour réchauffer la saison hivernale

Every winter, Montreal High Lights illuminates the city to celebrate the cold season. Montrealers love this festive event that warms February nights. Animated outdoor activities, unique gastronomic events with many guests from the culinary world from all over the world, original interactive light shows and performances eclectic and varied, with music, theatre and dance, the event attracts many locals and visitors and this great festival is a ...

Les 10 meilleures villes où s'expatrier

One thing is certain: in 2020, you will move! Are you thinking of moving abroad, but don't yet know very well in which cities to settle down? Instead of leaving on a whim, check out this article based on the Expat City Ranking survey conducted by Internation. This study gives you some clues to help you choose your next place of residence. Several criteria were taken into account such as professional opportunities, cost of living, but also ...