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In the south of France, in the Occitania region, Haute-Garonne is a department very stretched from north to south, bathed by the Garonne, but also the Canal du Midi and the Canal latéral à la Garonne, rivers open to pleasure boating. To the north, this territory is very urbanized around Toulouse and its agglomeration, a stronghold of the aeronautics and space industry. The south, on the other hand, integrated into the Pyrenees massif, is rural and very sparsely populated. Toulouse, the pink city, rich in monuments, cultural sites and appointments, excellent restaurants and conducive to good living, is worth a tourist stay in Haute-Garonne.

For the rest, this area is ideal for hiking or cycling in summer. Take the colourful Via Garona along the Garonne, which crosses 41 municipalities, crosses 6 UNESCO World Heritage Sites and connects two routes to Santiago de Compostela. As for the Pyrenees of the Haute-Garonne, they constitute a sumptuous outdoor area with the high peaks in majesty as a backdrop. Up there, paragliding and gliding enthusiasts fly over Bagnères-de-Luchon, rafting and canyoning in white water, taking paths, climbing and via ferrata.

On the table, the duck is king! The discreet violet of Toulouse invites itself to dessert. Less refined but delicious: the purple garlic soup from the Cadours region or the cereal porridge will delight you.

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Toulouse is pleasant and full of varied interests in all four seasons. There are many festivals there. To hike on the via Garona or to sail on the waterways, it is better to have good weather, which is the law from June to October, except showers (always check the weather, especially in spring, the season most prone to rain). Autumn is a particularly pleasant season in Haute-Garonne. It will be necessary to wait until winter to ski in Luchon-Superbagnères. You should also know that here the autan wind blows, in its most frequent white form, or black, the least sympathetic. The white autan, which can blow for up to a full week, is a sunny wind, cool in winter, warm in summer. The elders say that when it stops, the rain comes. The black autan, which comes from the sea, has a very high humidity level, it is a gentle wind that can bring precipitation. It hardly blows for more than two days in a row.

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Toulouse is pleasant and full of varied interests in all four seasons. There are many festivals there. To hike on the...
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Haute-Garonne has a temperate climate with oceanic and Mediterranean influences mixed with moderate winters in the pl...
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