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Near Spain, the Occitan capital, bathed by the Garonne river, is known as the Pink City. This is because its buildings are built mainly of clay bricks. A former stronghold of the Visigoths, Toulouse is now a university, research and industrial city specialising in aeronautical and space construction. On the way to Santiago de Compostela, the Basilica of St. Sernini, one of the most gigantic Romanesque buildings, rivals the splendour of the Jacobins Convent, a jewel of medieval Gothic art, or the Renaissance style Hotel d'Assézat. Toulouse invites you to take advantage of the seductive atmosphere of the banks of the Garonne and the beautiful Canal du Midi, built in the 17th century, to connect the Garonne to the Mediterranean Sea. This canal, which is listed as a Historic Monument, like the basilica, can be visited by boat and can be explored by bike or on foot. Of course, you should visit the Cité de l'espace, the Museum and its gardens, the Water Tower, etc. In the 19th century, Toulouse added a colour to its range by specialising in the cultivation of violets. Since the City of Violets, this flavor has been expressed in many ways. But it is the cassoulet that remains the most popular local specialty! Finally, you will always be welcome to support the Toulouse stadium, the famous local rugby team.

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If it changes audiences in summer when it empties of its students and fills up with tourists. Known for its dynamism and the quality of its hospitality, Toulouse lives all year round. Its discovery is possible in all seasons, especially since the mild climate allows for outdoor visits and even terraced stops even in winter. Oval ball fans will look at the match calendar to schedule a visit during a match on the field of players from the Stade toulousain.

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Le Pont-Neuf sur la Garonne - Yvann K - Fotolia
Allées Jean-Jaurès vues des toits depuis les Galeries Lafayette - Lawrence BANAHAN - Author's Image
Les rives de la Garonne - Lawrence BANAHAN - Author's Image
Le Capitole est un monument qui abrite la mairie de la ville et le théâtre du Capitole - Lawrence BANAHAN - Author's Image

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When to travel?

If it changes audiences in summer when it empties of its students and fills up with tourists. Known for its dynamism...
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Toulouse's climate, which is warm temperate and Mediterranean, is characterized by a very dry and hot summer, a sunny...
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