Of the various Balearic islands, Menorca has been the most successful in preserving its identity over the years. The inhabitants are very attached to their lands and the environment, and the tourism that has developed is carried out with respect for the natural elements, so rich and so precious. The easternmost island of the archipelago and a sort of paradise lost in the heart of the Mediterranean, it also offers visitors the opportunity to enjoy its best local products. To highlight and honour them, a large number of gastronomic events take place all year round. So for all those who want to enjoy some of the most beautiful beaches and coves with turquoise waters, the Mediterranean landscapes, the mild climate and enjoy a good time around the table, you now know the Balearic Islands destination to choose

Minorca, a varied gastronomy

While Spain is renowned as a festive destination, Minorca is one of those places that prefer to focus on their beauty and identity. Thus, on this splendid little island, it is pleasant to stroll along the port of its capital Mahon, then reach Ciutadella and get lost in its medieval streets before settling in a charming little square, as well as take a tour of gastronomic discoveries in the welcoming villages of Es Castell, Sant Climent, Alaior, Es Mercadal, Es Migjorn Gran, Sant Lluis, Fornells or Ferreries. At other times, it is also necessary to take the time to visit its most beautiful monuments such as the Cavallería lighthouse, on the cliffside, discover the Menorca Talaiòtica by joining the main prehistoric sites. Menorca is home to most of the monuments of Talayotic culture, including La Naveta d'Es Tudons, a remarkable funeral monument. Sports enthusiasts can also enjoy a variety of activities: hiking, horseback riding, quad biking or cycling, taking holidaymakers on splendid paths and secondary roads all over the island. To punctuate all these escapades, nothing beats a good time to enjoy the local cuisine. And there is plenty to do in Menorca, which is a paradise for gourmets. The island's traditional cuisine is part of what can be called a Mediterranean diet. The cuisine is based on seasonal products from the land and sea. Among the excellent deli meats that it is pleasant to eat on a good slice of bread around a glass of wine, we should mention the sobrasada, a red pork sausage, since it is mixed with paprika. Those who are cheese lovers appreciate Mahon-Menorca, one of the best cheeses in Spain's PDO. A member of the Tome family, it serves as a table cheese for the whole family and when it ages it becomes firmer, it can be grated to season dishes. One of the most popular dishes is langoustine soup. This kind of bouillabaisse made from lobsters caught on the shores of the island is a divine dish that delights many taste buds. Proof that the gastronomy is varied, it is also very easy to succumb to dishes such as Oliaigua, tomato soup with fig sorbet, aubergines in the oven, stuffed squid or cod in Burrida sauce. It is also worth mentioning the presence of sweet pleasures: pastisets, cocas and ensaimadas, honeys and jams on bread can be enjoyed with tea or coffee. As for drinks, do not miss the local gin, consumed for almost 300 years on the island, artisanal beers, liqueurs and wines that benefit from the mild climate and are pleasant to taste during a visit to the cellars

Gastronomic events in Menorca

Proof that Menorca is a major centre of Spanish gastronomy, various events allow visitors to discover its specificities. Season after season, these events show the inhabitants' attachment to the pleasures of life. We finish the year and start the next one with Els Dimecres es dia de Brou ("Wednesday is Brou's Day"), two months where we celebrate this delicious soup made with a wide variety of local meats, veal, pork and chicken, to which we add vermicelli and which we enjoy on Wednesday. Tradition has it that a second dish made from meat, chickpeas, greens and potatoes follows the first. Enough to warm up and enjoy a hearty meal in the heart of winter. In February, there are two highlights with the "Fish Gastronomic Days", where, from Friday to Sunday of the last two weeks of the month, fish is the main ingredient in the dishes served in the island's restaurants. To vary the pleasures, the "Gastronomic Days of the Partridge" celebrate this bird that becomes the protagonist of the dishes served in restaurants during the weekend of the second week. When March comes, it is the calf that is cooked on the occasion of the red "Gastronomic Days of the Veal" in Menorca. The island has a local breed of calf and it is its quality meat that delights the taste buds during this event that announces spring. Another moment in June is the opportunity to savour the island's typical cuisine in its widest variety, the "Minorca in the Plate" event, where meat, fish, cheese, delicatessen and desserts are displayed on the menus for 10 consecutive days, just before the Saint John's Day celebrations. These events are organised by the Asociación Menorquina de Cafeterias, Bares i Restaurantes and with such a rich and varied programme, Menorca proves that the Balearics have more than one string to their bow to surprise travellers seeking a change of scenery and who wish to have a good time.

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