Andorra is a beautiful principality that lies between France and Spain, a must-see destination for lovers of nature, wide open spaces and the Pyrenees. It is a great place for hiking, for a good dose of fresh air and for a stopover in the charming capital Andorra la Vella, which has a great heritage and is a great place for shopping. To put it plainly, staying in a hotel in Andorra for a few days is the promise of a real disconnection, in a region that can no longer be reached from mainland France

Andorra's nature and heritage

When passing through Andorra, how can you not want to breathe the fresh air and enjoy its exceptional natural environment? Starting with a walk in the sun in the Pla de l'Estany. Starting from the village of Arinsal, you will reach the Coma Pedrosa Valleys Natural Park at an altitude of 2,050 metres, where you can simply enjoy an impressive natural environment, with mountains covered in greenery, flowers here and there, and small streams that simply make you want to let yourself be guided along the water's edge. Andorra is a must for those who want to enjoy the sumptuous panoramic views, simply to become aware of how much nature is king here. To do so, don't hesitate to go to the Roc del Quer lookout, around the village of Canillo. Here, we are only 500 metres above sea level, but the panorama of the mountains as far as the eye can see and the green countryside is resplendent!

The priceless beauty of this nature reveals here and there an ancient architectural heritage typical of the mountains, such as the stones of the church of Sant Joan de Caselles, which stands proudly in a Lombard Romanesque style and whose interior has preserved period sculptures and paintings. At another time, it is the historical site of Les Bons that calls the curious and lovers of ancestral buildings. The 12th century church of Sant Romà, with its Romanesque architecture, can be visited. It has a semicircular apse in the Lombard style and a rectangular nave. Inside, there are Lombard pictorial reproductions that catch the eye, as well as the original stone altar table. Around the place of worship, one should also take the time to look at the other elements of the site, including a water tank dug into the rock, the remains of a monument of civil architecture and an old defence tower

Settling in a hotel in the heart of Andorra la Vella

By settling in the Andorran capital, you have an ideal location to enjoy a wide range of activities. If Andorra fascinates by the beauty of its nature, an urban getaway in Andorra la Vella is not lacking in attractions. For example, you can pack your bags at the Cèntric Atiram, a charming hotel with modern rooms and equipped with a restaurant, a fitness area and an area where massages are given. Its location is perfect, on Meritxell Avenue in the heart of The Shopping Mile, an area that makes Andorra a shopping paradise. Between moments of relaxation and fitness, either directly at the hotel or at the Caldea Spa, the largest spa in Europe, you can't fail to wander through the streets of the capital of Andorra, juxtaposed with Escaldes Engordany, with an architecture that goes from medieval to modern. Built on the banks of the river Valira, sheltered by the Enclar mountain range, the city seems to be protected by nature. Inside, those who like to stroll around the shops for hours on end have plenty of precious moments to indulge themselves. The city is indeed the ideal place to do good business, true to its reputation. To do so, you can reach the historic centre, the Prada Ramon shopping area for its accessories, clothing and perfume shops and finally the Meritxell Avenue, the largest shopping avenue in the Pyrenees. In this nerve centre, where the hotel is located, one enters endlessly into the shops to find everything trendy in terms of ready-to-wear, jewellery or sports accessories, and at good prices.

In Andorra you walk in nature, marvel at the monuments, take care of yourself, enjoy yourself. We simply enjoy life in the heart of the mountains and a principality that deserves our attention

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