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Plate millesim 2022

Between the regional museum of Cetina and the museum of Alka chivalry, the municipal agency provides a lot of information about the town and its region: the cultural heritage, visits to historical monuments, nature and sports activities. In the area around Sinj, there are also beautiful mountain hikes to be made, discoveries in the educational agricultural farms. You can also find information about accommodation (Hotel Alka, for example) and the agenda of festivities

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Open every day from 8am to 4pm. From June to September, from 10am to 6pm.

Additional information

Museum of the Region of Cetina

Founded in 1956, it is the central place for the research and presentation of the rich cultural and historical heritage of the Cetina region. The museum includes archaeological, numismatic, historical and cultural, ethnographic and natural history collections as well as exhibitions of weapons, photographs and photographic materials, documents, postcards, posters and also an art exhibition where most of the artists of the Cetina region are represented.

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Old Town

The ruins of the old fortress, known simply as Grad (town) by the locals, continue to keep a watchful eye on the Sinj municipalities today. It was a refuge for civilians and soldiers during the Turkish invasion, it guarded and protected the weak and resisted the invaders. In its center was the church of St. Michael, in which the Franciscans of Rama placed the precious and miraculous icon of Our Lady of Mercy on the altar of St. Barbara.

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Cetina River

Mysterious and true limestone beauty not yet sufficiently explored, it is the largest river in Central Dalmatia. The endless labyrinth of its underground waterways intrigues divers and researchers, but the clear and cold queen does not care, she only consolidates her fields with dignity, she waters people and treasures, she turns the hydroelectric turbines and grinds the precious grains under the stone wheels of the mills...

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Church of the Miraculous Virgin of Sinj

The Church of the Miraculous Virgin of Sinj dominates the main square of the town. It is serene and magnificent, its portal framed by a bronze relief by the sculptor Stipe Sikirica. Built between 1699 and 1712, it has withstood wars and earthquakes, and has been damaged many times, yet it has retained its original appearance to this day.

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One of the most charming and picturesque symbols of Sinj is located in the very heart of the town, opposite the Church of the Miraculous Virgin of Sinj. Kamicak is a star-shaped fortress built in 1712 on the hill of the same name. It is connected with its kvartir (cavalry barracks) on the southwest side, which today represents the Alka courts. The Kamicak took its present appearance in 1890 when pine trees were planted.

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Sinj, the town of knights, is nestled in the embrace of the untouchable karst queens, Dinara, Svilaja and Kamešnica. Nourished by the fertile Sinj field and watered by the clear, icy waters of the Cetina River, the town of Sinj rooted our ancestors in this paradisiacal region. Attracting barbarians, Romans, Turks and many other invaders, it has endured for centuries defending freedom in blood. Alka de Sinj, the tournament under the protection of UNESCO, is certainly the living monument of defiance and identity. Together with the Church of the Miraculous Virgin of Sinj, the largest Marian shrine, it is the most distinctive symbol of this magical oasis in the Dalmatian hinterland.

Although its size and number can fool any traveler, the town of Sinj boasts many features that some metropolises can only dream of: the Olympic-sized swimming pool offers refreshment during the summer months and the second largest racetrack in Croatia is home to the Alka horses and hosts horse races that can match the best English competitions. In addition, the presentation of the three main museums will take you on a virtual journey into the past. The Alka Museum follows the latest trends in museology and immerses the visitor in the magical world of the knights' tournament in an innovative and interactive way. The valuable and unique exhibits of the archaeological collection of the Franciscan monastery and the museum of the Cetinska Krajina region bear witness to the tumultuous local and national history. The Sikirica Gallery, in addition to its permanent exhibition of Jabuka's favourite sculptor, near the town of Trilj, organises various open-air cultural events which have become an integral part of the urban area. The Stations of the Cross on the way to the Old Town Fortress are particularly impressive. The monumental Three Generations Fountain dominates the lovely city park and is one of the many artistic odes to the Alka of Sinj.

Although it is busier in summer, Sinj is full of various events throughout the year. Numerous institutions and associations organize sports, music and cultural events, and the etno events are particularly unique. Many visitors come to the Marian spiritual music festival Klape Gospi Sinjskoj and delight in the carefully chosen musical notes. Kamičak Fort hosts the biggest names in world music, jazz and etno (Kamičak Etno festival, musical evenings at Kamičak Fort), the S.A.R.S. festival and Sinj's mini Woodstock - Gljevstock will satisfy the appetite of rock music lovers. The representation of the Siege of Sinj in 1715 describes the events of the glorious battle crucial for the town of Sinj, and at the village fair, in addition to reveling in native and eco-friendly food and drink, one will be amazed by the representations of cultural and artistic associations that enliven the spirit of antiquity, old trades and adorable hangouts at night gatherings and dance floors.

Besides being proud of its chivalrous, musical and cultural characteristics, the city of Sinj is also competent in sports. Basketball, football, handball, volleyball, to name a few, are sports in which Sinj clubs excel. Many national team players are produced by Sinj clubs, which is another thing that Sinj sports clubs are particularly proud of.

It would be a sin not to escape, even if only for a short time, from the hustle and bustle of the city streets to breathe in the pure energy of the natural beauty offered by the Cetinska Krajina region. With a rosary in hand and a prayer on his lips, the pilgrim will follow the path of Our Lady of Sinj, on the ancient paths beaten by the faith of countless believers. It will be difficult for hikers to choose just one path: everything is magical in its own way, so it is best to visit them all. The same advice applies to cyclists: many hiking trails take you to ancient Roman sites, churches, bridges and water mills.


Monday 08:00 - 16:00
Tuesday 08:00 - 16:00
Wednesday 08:00 - 16:00
Thursday 08:00 - 16:00
Friday 08:00 - 16:00
Saturday Closed
Sunday Closed


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