You hear a lot about cosmetic surgery in Turkey? Would you like to know why surgery is cheaper there? You will be happy to know that it has nothing to do with quality!

Cosmetic surgery in Turkey: it's cheap only for tourists

To understand why cosmetic surgery is cheaper in Turkey than in France and Europe, we must first look at the cost of living. For patients from the US, UK or Europe, i.e. paying in dollars, pounds or euros, Turkey remains a cheaper destination with a much lower cost of living.

For local residents, things are different. Indeed, the salary of Turks has nothing to do with the salary of the French. In Turkey, the average salary is 350 euros. It is therefore easy to understand that if a cosmetic surgery operation that costs 2,000 euros is not cheap for Turks, it is much easier for the French.

For information, a hair transplant in France can easily cost up to 7,000 euros depending on the number of grafts needed. In Turkey, the operation costs at most 3,000 euros for a maximum transplant. Accommodation, VIP transfer, consultation, blood test, medication, care products, absolutely everything is included in this more than advantageous rate. Moreover, in Turkey, you can find renowned surgeons like Dr. Cinik.

Cosmetic surgery in Turkey: more local production

Local production contributes to low healthcare costs and low prices for surgery in Turkey. This is because the country supports domestic production of goods and products and limits imports.

While the government sells imported goods at a higher rate, more local production eliminates shipping, logistics and customs costs from the final price. Because the overall cost of domestic production is cheaper, the rates for surgery and medical care in Turkey are also cheaper.

Cosmetic surgery in Turkey: a difference in purchasing power parity

Local production is only one factor to explain the low prices of cosmetic surgery in Turkey. And we must also look at the differences in purchasing power parity (PPP) to better understand. Purchasing power parity compares the currency of two countries in an approach known as a basket of goods and services. In other words, the two countries are equal if the price of the basket of goods and services is equal in both countries.

For example, the difference between the United States and Turkey is quite large in the basket of goods and services. In other words, resources in Turkey are much cheaper, and although both countries produce their products locally, the costs are higher in one country than in the other.

Cosmetic surgery in Turkey: what to remember

In conclusion, the low prices of cosmetic surgery are related to the economy and have nothing to do with the quality of care and operations. Turkey is one of those countries that combine excellent quality of service with moderate prices.

While the cost of surgery is out of reach for the majority of the public in Turkey, due to the cost of living and the price of accommodation, bills, food, entertainment, it is still affordable for many Europeans and Americans for example. Turkey manufactures its own equipment, which reduces shipping, logistics and customs costs.

All these differences and economic factors are taken into account in the final price calculation. We hope we have answered your doubts about surgery in Turkey.

Then simply learn how to choose the right hospital and surgeon in Turkey.