Trakya, a region corresponding to ancient Thrace, is today divided between Greece, Bulgaria and Turkey. Turkish Thrace, long considered a military zone, has few attractions for the tourist seeking a visit. It is, however, a compulsory crossing point when arriving in the country by car via the Greek or Bulgarian border. It should be noted that the road that stretches for an hour and a half between Istanbul and Edirne is green and very flowery in spring. The poppy stains here and there make the road look lovely.

Ipsala, the entry point to Turkey from Kapı (Ipsala sınır kapısı) on the Greek border, is a military zone that is forbidden to cross on foot, but you can always take a taxi. Be careful, the exchange service is often closed there. Bus to Çanakkale, Izmir and Bursa from Keflan, 30 km away. One exception: the city of Edirne, which is absolutely worth a visit for its magnificent monuments and oriental atmosphere. The motorway leading from Edirne to Istanbul follows the route of medieval caravans and passes close to several ancient bridges.

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