Designed by Europavox for Clermont Auvergne Tourisme, the 100% online music website Muzicity has everything it takes to be the best ally for those who want to take a break in Clermont-Ferrand, off the beaten track. The city has a very special history with the world of music, from its industrial history to its twinning with the city of Salford from which the Joy Division members come, as well as the presence of many students. Clermont is a rock city, there's no doubt about it! It is a breeding ground for many artists who are embarking on a great adventure and the local scene is amazing. It is full of places that have a very strong connection with music, it is in a way this art that brings together people from Clermont-Ferrand and people passing through on many occasions, all year round and during festivals. That's why the Muzicity Clermont website has been created, a city guide to contemporary music that lists the atypical places to visit to experience festive moments in the Clermont Underground

A weekend with music and pop culture

It is always nice to pack your bag on the weekends and head out of the region. Go to see a major exhibition in Paris, reach the coast to breathe the sea air, ride your bike and follow the Loire. It is a completely different experience awaiting you as you head towards Clermont-Ferrand, that of diving into the heart of a city that is lively all year round and where you will find superb places where encounters, long exchanges and the sharing of the love of music create unforgettable moments. For a weekend City Break, you can open a classic travel guide to find the best places, or you can connect to the Muzicity website to explore the city and discover addresses and good tips with music as a common theme. And all this, by letting the "Clermont Calling" playlist (available on Deezer, Spotify and Apple Music) scroll through, which immediately puts you in the mood. Clermont is indeed a multitude of concert halls, bars, clubs, where you can enjoy the local scene, groups from elsewhere, have a drink, sing, dance, until late at night. There are also good restaurants with a relaxed atmosphere where you can leave satisfied with what you've eaten, nice shops where to go hunting, cultural events not to be missed, exhibition sites... This is all the musical DNA of Clermont that can be found on this sparkling website with its pop design. With such a tool, young working people looking for original experiences and visitors who wish to discover an unusual and atypical Clermont will be served

So, what do we do in Clermont when we want to experience an unusual moment?

First of all, it should be remembered that Clermont-Ferrand is a very pleasant city where it is pleasant to stroll through the historic centre, contemplate the monuments and visit the museums. And then there is the beauty of the surrounding nature. The Chaîne des Puys-faille de Limagne, recently registered with UNESCO, offers an idyllic setting for lovers of beautiful natural areas. Apart from the tourist activities that can be described as classic, there is the atypical Clermont, which is offbeat, and which is atmospheric at the slightest opportunity. To discover the crossing paths, you must connect to Muzicity and get to know the thirty or so establishments that promise unforgettable experiences. You can start by having a coffee on Place de la Victoire, a gathering place for young people from Clermont, dominated by the beautiful Notre-Dame-de-l'Assomption Cathedral, and then stroll through the shops, a record store or a trendy clothing store. At lunchtime, you have the choice between a bistronomic cuisine and one that mixes cultures, and be careful: always with music in the background! In the afternoon, playlist in the helmet, we go into Street Art mode and search for Spaces Invaders made of mosaics and spread all over the city, we can also enter an art gallery. In the evening, relax, have a drink in a bar where often in Clermont a concert will enchant the atmosphere. Those who want music and only music have a choice between several bars and venues, sometimes concepts that mix a little of both. To extend until the end of the night, you can take over the management of a club. There are plenty of opportunities and places to celebrate in Clermont and if you don't know where to go, you can follow the favourites of the artists who started their careers in this unique city, and then discover a rich cultural programme. We do not fail to follow the festivals either. In short, we are having great moments and we don't forget Sunday morning to go to the Puces des Salins, to recover from our emotions and do good business. Clermont surprises, Clermont is alive, Clermont is music and rock'n' roll