Head to South America to discover one of the 7 wonders of nature on the border of Brazil and Argentina and not far from the triple border with Paraguay. In the heart of the tropical forest, Iguazú Falls is a group of 275 waterfalls in stairs and arcs, which extends over 3 km. They discharge 6 million litres of water per second.

Do both sides to make the most of the falls

The ideal is to stay 2 days to see the falls from one country and then from another. The Argentine side allows you to be in the heart of the action, to admire the falls from above as well as where they crash into the Devil's Gorge, the highest of the waterfalls with a height of 80 m. The noise is deafening. On the Brazilian side, we will rather enjoy an overview of the falls arranged in horseshoes.

Several options to contemplate the waterfalls

There are hiking trails to walk as close as possible to the river to the foot of the falls and there are even footbridges that allow you to walk to the heart of the Devil's Gorge. Once there, we realize the flow and power of the water. Boat trips are also organized to get as close as possible to the falls. And then there is the must-see helicopter flight that offers an unobstructed view of the sky.

In the vicinity of the site

On both the Argentinean and Brazilian sides, the falls are part of a natural park that can be explored either on foot or by jeep-safari. We meet a rare and diversified fauna: toucans, monkeys, reptiles, 400 species of butterflies... and the famous coatis, these extremely greedy raccoons who spend their time trying to catch the tourists' food bags. The lucky ones may even be able to see a jaguar or a puma. And finally, there is Puerto Iguazú, at the Hito Tres Fronteras, a view of the three borders (between Brazil, Argentina and Paraguay). At sunset, the view is breathtaking. And it's magical to be able to see 3 countries at a glance!

A very beautiful experience to discover with Stéphan SZEREMETA and Frédéric BASTIEN to listen to in podcast on Bel RTL