The captain has not yet opened the doors of the plane, and we are already looking forward to diving into the turquoise waters of the Caribbean and enjoying a well-deserved rest on a merengue rhythm. Punta Cana has become one of the favourite destinations of the French people and for good reason. In addition to its kilometres of white sandy beaches bordered by coconut trees, the spot enjoys an idyllic climate and impressive seabeds. To get there, the route is operated by Air France, one of its many destinations, and these market shares in the Caribbean contribute to the Air France KLM group's efforts to do well.

Punta Cana is one of the most developed tourist centres on this part of the island, which shares its territory with Haiti. All year round, the region catches the sun as much as the escapees. It must be said that it has all the infrastructure, led by the international airport, to make it as easy as possible for tourists to arrive. Nature does the rest. From south to north, from Cape Cana to Uvero Alto, a paradisiacal landscape drowns in the blue of the waves. Family and friends come here to enjoy a bewitching coastline that stretches over some forty kilometres. Punta Cana is an expert in the art of growing hotel complexes. Wherever you decide to leave your luggage in Punta Cana, a few strides in the hot sand will be enough to reach your resort from the beach. The " All Inclusive " formula is the most widely used in these tourist temples. Accommodation, refreshments and all kinds of activities are served on a tray. Another incentive to take it easy.... So it's up to you to alternate splashing around in the pool and taking a nap in the shade of the coconut trees. But sweet idleness is only one option : the surrounding nature offers many activities

Many sports activities

The idyllic setting of Punta Cana makes it a spot fully oriented towards seaside activities. If tourist and cultural visits are not numerous, sports and water sports and pleasures are present everywhere. In addition to the resorts, local operators and reelers provide additional excursions for those who would like more. To take the view, many will offer you the opportunity to fly over the beaches by parachute. Deep-sea fishing, spa, golf and horseback riding are among the many activities on offer. But the main activity remains scuba diving. The warmth and visibility conditions are perfect for enjoying coral reefs comfortably. Moreover, their shallow depth allows them to be accessible to all. Once in the deep blue, the amazingly shaped coral gardens allow the tiny gobies to swarm around them. Further on, large schools of fish are parading around in panoramic and technicolour. The casting is impressionnant : the green and blue parrot fish mix with the butterfly fish striped in yellow and black while the red squirrel fish tries to steal the spotlight with almost transparent pompanels. The more experienced can head for the wrecks and thrill-seekers will practice cave diving in the cenotes or chasms. Safe from danger and if you have the means, you will be able to move around in the water parks with complete peace of mind. The Marinarium, a natural aquarium of 40 000 mètres square, offers for example to observe the behaviour of sharks and interact with rays during an excursion in a glass bottom catamaran. Others invite you to a swim with sea lions and dolphins. You can also admire pink flamingos, crocodiles, turtles, toucans, not to mention the cotorra verde, the small green parrot endemic to the island. North of Punta Cana, in Samanà Bay, you can also take a boat to watch whales mate and give birth between mid-January and mid-March. Unforgettable!

Rum and cigar and lobster, Dominican delights

Punta Cana is full of little pleasures you haven't tasted yet. Did you know, for example, that the Dominican Republic is the world's leading cigar producer before Cuba ? Made locally, they are of very good quality and relatively cheap. Rum is another local product. It can be drunk at envie : dry, in a cocktail or with cola. Once you have had your aperitif and refreshments, take a walk in search of a good meal. Although less sophisticated than that of the neighbouring Caribbean islands, Dominican cuisine is nevertheless rich in specialities. The goats from the salt meadows of the Monte Cristi region are particularly famous. The typical dish is sancocho, a stew of vegetables and meat. But the menus also feature fish and shellfish from the miraculous waters of the Caribbean. Lobsters, crabs and shrimp are delicious. You must also ask for swordfish, red mullet, tuna and sea bream. The most difficult thing is actually to choose. The country is also a fruit paradise with lemons, bananas, mandarins, coconuts and juicy watermelons

Finally, at nightfall, you will surely hear the musical rumour of a merengue band or a Bachata singer. It is an invitation to continue the evening in the bars and discos of Punta Cana. As we discover Punta Cana, we realize that the spot is far from being limited to the image of a postcard often used in travel brochures

When? When?

Punta Cana is bathed in the sun all year round. Winter, from mid-December to March, is ideal with a climate that is neither too hot nor too cold.