Whether you are going to the airport on holiday or on a business trip, it is often difficult to find a parking space for your car, especially in a safe place. As a result, you waste a lot of time parking and you also risk missing your plane! To avoid the stress of parking your car during your stay, it is advisable to use a valet parking service. This is the best way to arrive at the airport with peace of mind and to know that the car is parked in optimal security conditions

Parking your car, a source of stress when leaving on a plane

Finding a car park at Orly when you are flying to the other side of the country or abroad is far from easy. Nevertheless, for many people, using a car to get to the airport is unavoidable. The problem is that it is more than common to find yourself facing saturated parking lots, especially in airports adjacent to major cities. When, by chance, you manage to park your car, you often have to cover the necessary distance to get to the airport, and very quickly, you end up running out of time to complete all the necessary steps before boarding.

Because we don't always think about booking a parking space at Orly before leaving, and to avoid the stress of looking for a parking space on the day, the Ector valet parking service appears to be the most efficient solution. With its many advantages, you will quickly get used to it, so much so that you won't hesitate to renew the experience when you have the right to take the plane!

The advantages of using a valet service

The first advantage is to be able to book easily from home. Via the website or the application, Ector allows you to anticipate the upcoming parking of the car near the airport and to leave the house with peace of mind. The process is totally intuitive and only takes a few clicks. Then, on the day of departure, a premium valet waits for the traveler at a drop-off point, where he or she will first help the traveler remove the luggage from the trunk, before collecting the keys to park the car in a secure parking lot.

And that's the other big advantage of valet parking. While you can quickly worry about your car when you park it in a classic car park, Ector offers parking in a space that benefits from a physical control of security agents and a 24/7 video surveillance. We should also mention all the additional services offered by the valet parking. Indeed, with the premium service of Ector, which exists for the car park of Orly airport, the agents can proceed during the absence of the owner of the vehicle to certain technical checks (pressure of the tires, control of the levels, draining of the engine, etc.), and to themaintenance of the car outside and inside. They also refuel the vehicle so that the traveller can return home safely.

At the end of the trip, and as soon as the plane leaves Orly airport, the valet waits for the traveller at the arrival terminal with the car and helps with the installation of the luggage.

It is also worth mentioning the financial advantages of using a valet service like Ector. On the one hand, you can avoid the cost of a taxi, which can quickly become expensive if you decide to go to the airport without your car. And compared to classic car parks, the parking spaces used by Ector at Orly are up to 50% cheaper and offer the best quality/price ratio on the market.