Today, it is more and more necessary to succeed in saving on car maintenance, because the expenses related to this maintenance constitute an ever-increasing part of the average motorist's budget. In fact, after the purchase of a car and fuel expenses, car maintenance is the most expensive expense for motorists in a year. This alone justifies the need to strive for savings in this area.

This article therefore proposes to discover various practices that can be implemented in order to achieve savings on one's car maintenance.

Why is it important to take care of your car maintenance?

There are various ways to maintain your car. Maintenance can include: cleaning the car, servicing, checking fluids and changing defective parts.

Defects can indeed require the motorist to change the clutch, replace the tires or the timing belt for example.

In general, car maintenance is essential for the proper functioning of the car. A poorly maintained car can have successive breakdowns and even cause accidents, hence the importance of car maintenance. Car maintenance can be expensive, but it is still important to ensure that it is carried out regularly

Tips for saving money on car maintenance

Saving money on car maintenance may seem difficult or complicated. But there are many simple ways to save money on car maintenance.

Maintain your car regularly

Regular maintenance is not incompatible with the need to save on car maintenance. On the contrary, regular maintenance allows you to avoid heavy expenses for repairs.

In fact, when a car is not regularly maintained, it is more likely to break down and require repairs that can be very expensive. Regular maintenance is a great way to save money.

Keeping track of your maintenance booklet

The service booklet is a very important part of a car's health. It contains all the manufacturer's recommendations concerning the maintenance of the car. It makes it possible to know the state of the car as well as the various revisions required.

The booklet also allows the garage to know what repairs are recommended and to carry out his interventions. If the recommendations in the booklet are followed, unnecessary and inappropriate work can be avoided.

Doing minor repairs and checks yourself

Not all repairs need to be carried out by a garage. There are some small repairs that anyone can do themselves with the help of the service booklet and a few tutorials.

Nor do you need a mechanic to check fluid levels, the condition of the battery or the tyres. Regularly performing these checks yourself can easily prevent breakdowns and save money on car maintenance.

Buy your car parts online yourself

When it comes to car maintenance, it is possible to provide the necessary parts yourself after buying them online, from the manufacturer or a dealer.

This way, the motorist only has to pay for the garage's labour. This is a good way to save money, as it is possible to find car parts on the Internet at low prices.

Use a garage instead of a dealer

Having your car serviced at a dealership is usually more expensive than going to a garage, as the latter charges more affordable rates. Avoiding dealerships is therefore a good way to save money on your car maintenance.