We hear more and more about products containing CBD, and this now also applies to... wine! The Burdi W (for Burdigala Weed), is thus the first French wine with cannabis to have seen the light of day, via a marketing campaign on the KissKissBankBank platform. It is actually a "Flavoured Wine Drink", produced from a cuvée of petit verdot from the Bordeaux vineyards. The project is that of two entrepreneurs, including Raphaël de Pablo, who also runs an organic hemp field in the Gironde. The marketing aims to be done mainly online and the target audience is: all those who do not know cannabis and who wish to introduce it to their loved ones. But let everyone be reassured, CBD is a molecule authorized in France because the psychotropic effects are non-existent. However, there are some relaxing virtues. Associated with wine, relaxation seems assured! If the creators of Burdi W have already been criticized by some experts in the wine industry, several bottles of wine have already been sold and the project seems to seduce. Logically, production is intensifying. More information than the Vitisphere website