Many companies bring their employees together and organise seminars to work on specific themes, set objectives or strengthen team cohesion. To do this, some managers prefer to leave the region in which the company is based and take advantage of the infrastructures of large cities and their attractiveness. Among the French cities that stand out in this respect is the capital of Flanders. Indeed, finding a perfectly equipped seminar room or conference room in Lille is no problem at all, and the city offers a pleasant setting to reconcile work and leisure time

Lille, a city open to the business world

Lille is a real crossroads between France, the United Kingdom and the Benelux countries. It is one of the most attractive French metropolises, with a rich industrial past, history and a flamboyant architectural heritage. With all these qualities, it is not surprising that today it is a privileged destination for companies wishing to organise seminars

First of all, Lille is accessible and several daily shuttles take travellers from Lille-Lesquin airport to the city centre. From Paris, Nantes, Marseille or even Bordeaux, there is no difficulty to reach it in a little more than an hour by plane. But it is not only the airport facilities that make Lille a city connected with the rest of the territory, since its railway stations also welcome travellers from the main French cities, especially those arriving by TGV to the important Lille-Flandres and Lille-Europe stations

Lille also has large hotels to accommodate company employees and each company can choose the district that suits it. Some will thus choose to stay around the major train stations, while others will enjoy moving to the more central districts, particularly those of Vieux-Lille and République, which represent the cultural heart. All sites of interest are then easily accessible. For working hours, professionals can count on the presence of various top-of-the-range facilities. Take the example of the HUB SAFE airport security agent training, Lille offers rooms with technical control room, screens for projections, translation booths, auditorium, there is no difficulty in finding the place that suits all requirements and that allows to work the security agent training in the best possible conditions

After work, a city to explore

Here is the second interest in organizing a business seminar in Lille, it is a charming, cultural, bubbling city and moreover reputed for offering the warmest welcome. Because organizing a professional event such as a teambuilding event is also an opportunity to unite teams, strengthen cohesion and motivate the troops around cultural and relaxation time. To do this, there is nothing better than going to cultural venues and offering times that facilitate exchanges

And there's plenty to do in Lille, starting with its wonderful museums: the Palace of Fine Arts and its prestigious paintings, the restored places such as the Saint-Sauveur station and the Tripotal or the birth house of Charles de Gaulle. And what about its heritage, the citadel, the Old Town and its picturesque red-brick streets, the Flemish Renaissance-style building complex of the Vieille-Bourse, the Hospice Comtesse and its medieval architecture, all these monuments are scrutinized in the smallest details and bear witness to its own identity

Not forgetting that the city also offers the opportunity to spend pleasant moments with colleagues around gastronomy. The local and Belgian beer lovers will find their happiness in the numerous breweries and the estaminets offer the emblematic dishes of the area. Maroilles tart, potjevleesch, welsh, Flemish carbonnade or the inevitable mussels-chips, the taste buds are also in the spotlight in Lille and this richness also continues to make the famous city of the North an ideal place to work during a seminar