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Sightseeing Balearic Islands : 342 Results

Practical information : Sightseeing Balearic Islands


Museums and cultural institutes are generally open from 10am in the Balearic Islands and close between 7pm and 9/22pm depending on the season and the establishment. Some take a break from 2pm to 4pm and 5pm.

To be bookedTo be booked

It is mainly to participate in guided tours (museums, neighborhoods, natural areas, etc.) that it is advisable to make a prior reservation.

Main eventsMain events

In the Balearic Islands, everything is an excuse for a fiesta. The Spaniards have it in their blood, so much so that their festival calendar is quite full! In addition to the countless patron saint's days, many sporting, gastronomic and cultural events punctuate the year.

Guided toursGuided tours

In the Balearic Islands, if some guided tours are offered in museums and cultural centres, the vast majority of them allow you to discover cities and villages of the islands, but also natural treasures (salt flats, caves, protected parks, coastlines, etc.)


Smoking is not allowed in museums. In open-air and natural areas, it is the responsibility of smokers not to disturb non-smokers and to leave the areas clean.