Plains, fine sandy beaches, coasts cut into tiny coves, pine and garrigue forests, remote villages and urban buzzing, the Balearics are numerous. So of course, from these islands we come back with pictures of postcards: bikinis and turquoise sea lined with golden sand and water activities in a mess. But the photos also show the steep slopes of the mountain, the Arabic ramparts, the mills with white wings and the Victorian façades. In other words, during a stay in the Balearic Islands, lovers of change of scenery can drink well beyond their thirst

Mallorca and Menorca, exceptional islands

Ibiza and Formentera are also very popular, but Mallorca is the capital of the Balearic Islands. The largest island in the archipelago holds many surprises in store with its cultural richness and picturesque landscapes. Palma's formidable architecture takes us on a journey through time, while the extraordinary coves or untamed peaks of the Tramuntana force humility. It is the island that offers the greatest variety of landscapes, between the peaks of La Tramuntana, the steep landscapes of Cape Formentor, the coves and wild beaches of the eastern part of the island, the orange groves of Soller... For history lovers, the Roman remains of Alcúdia, the caves of Porto Cristo and the architectural heritage of Palma offer a real journey through the centuries. Mallorca is very touristy in certain specific areas and also retains all the charm of its inland villages, such as Valldemosa, Artà or Sineu, where you can live at the tranquil pace of its inhabitants.

Minorca is more traditional. It is a quiet and family destination. Classified as a Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO, it has managed to preserve its essence: it fascinates by the splendour of its beaches, its natural parks and by the multitude of prehistoric sites whose significance is still, on the whole, unexplained. Its two main cities, Maó and Ciutadella, are located at the eastern and western tip of the island respectively. And if Formentera has its chiringuitos and Ibiza its nightclubs, Minorca has the best restaurants in the Balearic Islands. Lovers of long summer evenings around a bottle of white wine and a seafood platter, here is your paradise..

A range of activities

On the archipelago, holidays promise to be active. Many sports are available in optimal conditions and you don't need to be an athlete to enjoy them because there are sports for all levels: hiking, cycling, kayaking, scuba diving, paddle and kitesurfing, and many more. For those who are looking for relaxation, there is only the embarrassment of choice between all the fine sandy beaches and the crystal clear coves. Contemplative minds will be fuelled by the artistic heritage, while botanical gardens and natural parks are home to rare fauna and flora. A real pleasure for the eyes!

Let's eat!

The gastronomy here is spectacular. Generous and varied, the Balearic cuisine is directly inspired by the culinary traditions imported by the various conquerors and colonizers of the islands throughout history. Its greatest borrowings undoubtedly come from Catalan cuisine and that of the Valencia region, the latter having itself borrowed heavily from Arab cuisine. Based on olive oil, the cuisine uses both local and seafood products. The famous pa amb oli is to be enjoyed at the beginning of the meal: they are pieces of bread previously bathed in olive oil and rubbed with garlic, which are toasted with a sauce made from tomatoes and vinegar. El allioli (garlic mayonnaise) is prepared in all the islands and is served as an appetizer, with bread and olives. Another delight to enjoy in the four corners of the archipelago: the sobrassada (local delicatessen). Finally, cocas, a kind of local pizza, are also very popular.

A turnkey holiday

On Mallorca or Menorca, it is easy to be seduced by the holiday clubs that offer the whole family a well-deserved rest. With an all-inclusive stay in the Balearic Islands, there is nothing left to think about from breakfast to dinner. Between a nap and a good sea (or swimming pool) bath, you put your feet under the table and let yourself be carried away by all the activities of your hotel club. If the addresses are numerous, the Jet Tours clubs in the Balearic Islands are a reference. The formula has everything to seduce with quality meals and (very) many possibilities for exceptional days. Cycling, kayaking or paddle rides, theme evenings or aquagym classes and beach volleyball games, Jet Tours takes care of everything. All we have to do now is enjoy it!