1, 2, 3 go...experience Olympism!

Inspired by the surpassing of oneself, the joy of inter-cultural encounters and the reward for effort? You undoubtedly dream of finding yourself in the shoes of a top athlete? The Olympic Museum in Lausanne or TOM (The Olympic Museum) immerses you in the sporting epic of the Olympic Games for the time of a visit, which is meant to be an experience to be lived and played!

The game above all, and especially before the challenge of the competition. The game, which for thousands of years has united the five continents without discrimination, is carried by the colours of the Olympic rings

On the shores of Lake Geneva, in a park of 8'000m2 dotted with 40 works of art and sports facilities, the Olympic Museum is the only place in the world dedicated to the history and spirit of the Olympic Games. Every year 300,000 visitors flock to the world of the Games. A marathon of discoveries of 3000m2 laid out on 3 floors, with varied or thematic exhibitions, 1500 objects (from amphoras of the 4th century BC. used during the sports games in Antiquity, to more contemporary objects such as athletes' outfits or the collection of Olympic torches).

A sprint of knowledge that starts on level 1, with the permanent exhibition "The Olympic World" that retraces the history of the Games of Ancient Greece, the oath of Pierre de Coubertin, founder of the International Olympic Committee based in Lausanne since 1915 and, in addition, the space dedicated to torches and rings.

In order to be ready for Tokyo 2020 (July 24th to August 9th, 2020) and become a champion ahead of time and know everything about Olympic practices and disciplines, the Level 0 tour will train you! It focuses on the disciplines and equipment worn by the athletes.

Charged with adrenaline by this flow of information, it is a question of evacuating your energy capital to good effect by using your physical and mental resources thanks to the space dedicated to interactive games. The highlight of the show will be to marvel at the medals showcase of the Games since 1896...

More than a museum, it is an adventure whose sole ambition is to imbue you with the values and philosophy of Olympism thanks to a state-of-the-art technology that makes the visit lively, fun and interactive (150 screens including 45,000 hours of video and 52 restored Olympic films).

Let's go to the Lausanne 2020 Youth Games from 9 to 22 January.

The Olympic Museum will soon be the scene of a real sports story. In the heart of the city chosen to host the 2020 Youth Games, it will showcase the Olympic Movement live. No less than 1880 athletes from all over the world (80 countries) will take over the Olympic capital from 9 to 22 January 2020. The competitions will be held in several cantons Le Vaud (Lausanne, La Vallée de Joux, Leysin, les Diablerets, Villars), Valais (Champéry), Graubünden (St. Moritz) as well as in neighbouring France (Prémanon-Les Tuffes). Like a symbol,

The Olympic Museum echoes this global gathering for athletes aged 15 to 18. Combining sports competitions and exchange activities between young people, the Museum is preparing for this grand and unique event by promoting exhibitions. It will be free of charge on this occasion from 6 to 26 January 2020.

In addition to the museum's interactive discovery, the exhibition - We are Olympians, and you? 13 APRIL 2019 - 15 MARCH 2020 - presents some fifty athletes through testimonials, questions the close collaboration between opponents and invites us to surpass ourselves as long as passion and respect are the driving force

The flame is in you!

Beyond a simple museum exhibition, the vocation of the Olympic Museum is to transmit a humanistic dimension of Olympism. We each live our own unique stories and whatever the areas of action, it is important to keep in mind that we can always move forward within our limits. To surpass oneself by respecting oneself and others. The great winners of the Olympic Games are first and foremost very human people who convey a message of excellence (giving the best of oneself), friendship and optimism (in connection with the team) and respect (for oneself and others)

The flame acts as a guarantor of universal light that connects and unites peoples. Sport is a firework display of emotions that spreads a surge of positivism. The joys of sport are shared to make a pleasant change in the world.

May Pierre de Coubertin's unifying values continue to bring us together and federate peoples despite their differences.

"The important thing in life is not the triumph, but the fight. The important thing is not to have won, but to have fought well. »

Extend your "sports" moment by relaxing at the Tom Café or visiting the TOM Shop.

Tom Café as "The Olympic Museum" undoubtedly benefits from one of the best terraces in Lausanne, with a breathtaking view of Lake Geneva and the Alps. In a contemporary atmosphere, with a decoration full of nods to the Olympic Games, the place is original and spacious, ideal for relaxing after a hectic and active visit. The Weekend Brunch will feast on the great champions of delicacies...next discipline of the Olympic Games? Everything is planned to spend a convivial moment at any time of the day.

To relive these intense moments of visit, the TOM Shop presents gifts of a rare exception. It is indeed the only shop in the world where you will be able to find items from past Olympic Games in addition to the organizing countries. Just for that alone, it's worth the detour!

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