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Petit Futé's opinion on ROCK OF CASHEL

Plate millesim 2022

This is a must-see in Ireland. Overlooking the beautiful Golden Vale, the Rock of Cashel has a fascinating and terrible history. It is a mythical rock fortified by the kings of Munster and was their residence from the 4th to the 12th century when King Muircheartach O'Brien donated it to the Church. According to legend, St. Patrick baptized King Aengus here in 448 and, during the ceremony, clumsily stuck his crook in his foot. Thinking it was part of the ritual, the king did not breathe a word! The Rock of Cashel, the cradle of Celtic symbolism and a place of legend, is one of the most visited historical sites in the country.

Undercroft. The visit can start with this museum in the basement where the original cross of Saint Patrick (12th century) is exposed (the one outside is a copy). It is, unfortunately, rather damaged and presents only a half-crucifixion (it misses the head and the right arm). The second vertical bar, linked to the cross, certainly represents the cross of the thieves crucified with Christ. This cross of St. Patrick rests on a stone which, it is said, was the coronation stone of kings.

Next to the signature of Queen Elizabeth II during her visit to Cashel in 2011, one should not forget to look at Evil Eye Stone, a strange sculpture with crazy eyes that is found elsewhere in Ireland.

Vicar's Choral. Let's continue our discovery of the Rock of Cashel with the great "Vicar's Choral Hall", built in 1420 for the choristers of Cashel Cathedral. This was a privileged group of all-male choir members who were appointed to accompany the parish priests in their religious chants. This room houses several objects discovered during the excavations.

Cathedral. Built in the 13th century, the cathedral with its cruciform plan and Gothic style is impressive to visit, despite its dilapidated state. One of the transepts is being restored. In the south transept is exposed a mural painting of crucifixion, discovered in 2003, one of the rare examples of the kind preserved in Ireland.

Round Tower. Outside the cathedral, in the churchyard, one can admire the 12th century round tower, 28 meters high. The tower is superbly preserved and it breaks a little the square order of the whole.

Cormac's Chapel. Without a doubt, Cormac's Chapel is a little wonder. Considered as the oldest Romanesque church in Ireland still standing (1127-1134), it was built by Cormac MacCarthy, King and Prince-Bishop of Cashel. The vault of the chapel is populated with heads and gules of animals, in a style extremely close to that of Dysert O'Dea Castle, in County Clare (did the same artists work there? Possible).

The 800 year old frescoes in the choir, the oldest of their kind in Ireland, are being carefully restored. You will certainly distinguish some remnants of colors, very dear at the time, including the light blue that would come from Venice. The pillars are made of geometrical patterns, typical of the Irish Romanesque, and without any apparent order: lozenges, stars, broken lines... In front of the choir, a magnificent sculpted tomb could be the tomb of King Cormac himself. Take a closer look: the delicate ornaments representing animals and intertwined snakes would be Viking style.

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Opening time and information on ROCK OF CASHEL

From mid-September to mid-Oct and from mid-March to May, daily 9am-5.30pm, from mid-Oct to mid-March 9am-5.30pm, from June to mid-September 9am-7pm.

Members' reviews on ROCK OF CASHEL

5 reviews
Value for money
Visited in october 2018
Value for money
Un endroit pour les photos
Le chateau est en ruine mais les photos à prendre des différentes routes sont magnifiques. La visite est rapide.
Visited in april 2017
Value for money
Un avis partagé car sans guide il est très difficile de comprendre ce qu'on voit et l'importance de ce lieu jusqu'au moment où vous allez dans la salle vidéo (à l'abri du vent, ouf).
Cette vidéo est à ne manquer sous aucun prétexte, car elle donne la lecture de l'histoire médiévale de l'Irlande et vous permettra ensuite de repérer dans la campagne irlandaise les ruines de maisons fortifiées qui n'auraient pas attiré votre attention de français habitué à nos grands châteaux sinon.
Je suis quand même restée un peu sur ma faim pour le reste de la visite car on a du mal à s'immerger dans un endroit aussi "vide". Un peu plus de visites guidées ?
Hulk 2003
Visited in september 2016
Value for money
De très jolis vestiges (ruines) d'une cathédrale et d'une église dans l'enceinte fortifiée.
De ce tertre (Rocher) une belle vue sur la campagne environnante.
Visited in august 2016
Value for money
lors de notre retour sur Dublin ce samedi d'août pour reprendre l avion nous nous sommes arrêtés à ROCK OF CASHEL.
Cet énorme édifice domine sur un petit mont avec une vue à 360°. Le musée relatant l histoire de St Patrick ainsi que la croix sont les éléments clés de ce site.
La cathédrale est en cours de rénovation et les quelques peintures sont altérées par le temps humide Irlandais.
Cela vaut le détour, compter 7euros par pers, et un parking forfaitaire de 4.50euros où les places sont précieuses
Visited in june 2015
Value for money
Le site permet de mieux connaître la légende de Saint-Patrick, dans le musée on retrouve la croix originelle, le musée est bien fait avec des objets divers, photos du passage de Queen Elisabeth. Situé en hauteur, belle vue sur la campagne environnante et ses moutons colorés

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