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12 km from the city centre and another sacred place of North Korean culture: the birthplace of Kim Il-Sung which is made of mud and thatch. Born on April 15, 1912 (year Juche 1) in this rural house, the founder of the Kim dynasty spent part of his youth there, before fleeing the country in 1941 to take refuge in the Soviet Union. He came back to Pyongyang in 1945 after the liberation of the country to become the leader of the provisional people's Committee, which is a sort of provisional Government.


The various buildings are decorated with photos, furniture and tools that were used by Kim’s family. Each traditional object is described by the guides in an interesting way, as well as describing the humility of the family: as they were poor, they had no choice but to buy a deformed jar because it was cheaper. Beyond the specific history of the place, it is a good opportunity to discover and understand the way of life in Korean campaigns before the Korean War.


It is not uncommon to see groups of children in their Sunday best or procession of marriage visiting this important place of pilgrimage which is part of the cult of the personality of the North Korean leaders.


During the hot season, you can drink in the well which is located not far from the house or to buy an ice cream for one or two euros maximum in a small hut not far from the Museum – the most generous will buy ice creams for the guides as they won’t but any.


There is a small walk of almost ten minutes between the parking lot and the site so bring along all what you will need, especially an umbrella during summer when the showers can crack down unexpectedly. As it is the case in all places featuring North Korean leaders, you need to have a respectful attitude.

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  Pyongyang 평양
North Korea
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