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Results Temple Ivolginskiy Datsan (Иволгинский Дацан)

Petit Futé's opinion on DATSAN IVOLGINSKY

Plate millesim 2022

The main Buddhist centre for prayer and teaching in Siberia. The monastery was built in 1946, during a period of lightening of the Stalinist yoke. A group of buildings surround the central temple, whose curved and golden roofs attract the eye. There are about thirty lamas here. You observe the many disciples busying themselves with the maintenance of the exteriors. The Dalai Lama has visited this datsan several times.

Start by going around. You must bypass cult objects clockwise or clockwise at sunrise and sunset. You can operate the prayer wheels (just turn them around), asking, according to usage, for happiness, health, prosperity... Don't point at anything. Avoid swearing, talking loudly, smoking.

Inside the temples, always face Buddha (even when you leave), do not take any pictures. The largest, three-storey building has 16 columns decorated with golden dragons and multicoloured ribbons. Among the hundred or so bronze Buddhas on a wall, the one of Tibetan medicine can be recognized. The central temple contains a large library of sacred texts wrapped in silk. Visit the astrologer: datsan Ivolginsky publishes his own lunar calendar which determines, for example, the dates and times of small and large religious services (khural). You can request a personal interview. Finally, please note that the complex houses one of the most important Buddhist relics: the imperishable body of the lama Dashi-Dorzho Itigilov. In 1927, when the Grand Master met Nirvana, he ordered that he be buried and exhumed 70 years later. This was the case: to everyone's surprise, the remains were found intact. To date, the phenomenon remains unexplained.

During your visit, you can choose to be guided by a lama, for a few rubles. The solo visit is free, but it is recommended to make an offering. The main temple houses a small shop where you can buy a lunar calendar and various ritual objects. The enclosure also includes an art gallery. Outside there is a small market where you can find a lot of souvenirs.

It is particularly interesting to visit the Datsan in February, on the occasion of Sagaalgan, the White Month, the Lunar New Year festivities. You will observe the Dugjuba purification ritual, among other things. Itigilov's body is also presented to the faithful.

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Opening time and information on DATSAN IVOLGINSKY

Open all year round. Free visit. Access to the remains of the monk Itigilov 250 RUB.

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