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Plate millesim 2022

3 km south-west of Krasnoyarsk, on the right bank of the Yenisey River, in the north-western spurs of the Saan Mountains, lies the State Nature Reserve, Stolby, founded in 1925. One of the favourite activities of the people of Krasnoyarsk is walking to the columns, or stone pillars. You can go there with friends or family to relax, snorkel, picnic in the open air, toboggan, and do some selfies. An exceptional creation of nature hidden in the thick taiga, the reserve is 24 km wide and covers an area of 47,200 ha. It runs along the Ienisseï for 34 km. There are 550 species of plants, 85 mammals (including many bears), 150 birds and 22 fish specimens. For millions of years, the winds and rains have sculpted gigantic granito-sienite figures, named after their bizarre shapes, Feathers, Lion's Bow, Devil's Finger, Totem, Great Eagle, Grandfather, Mittens, etc., in this area. The height of these rocks, which form 80 groups, can reach up to 1,000 meters. Stolby, the most picturesque and most visited corner, extends over 1,400 ha to the north of the reserve. It is a Mecca for green enthusiasts and mountaineers. It is home to a completely different kind of fauna, that of bare-handed climbers (stolbists), who come from all over the world, at any time of the day, to compete with the giants! The first Stolbe (first pole), 568 m high, is the most popular. The highest of them is the second Stolbe, 592 m high and 800 m in circumference. At the summits (some of which can be climbed without too much difficulty), an unforgettable view of the taiga opens up, a breathtaking postcard that gives an idea of the immensity and power of the biome (come in autumn, when the larch trees are blazing). Climbing enthusiasts will find in Stolby something to practice their skills. But beware, the practice is reserved for experienced sportsmen and women! The reserve is also home to a handful of scientists, established here all year round.

Stolby includes several hiking routes, more or less difficult, some of them spread over more than a day's walk. Nature lovers will also be able to sleep here: a comfortable but rudimentary hotel (no running water, no Internet) welcomes you all year round, if the temperature does not go above -20°C. It is also possible to camp, either in the open air or in designated areas. There are a few snack bars at the entrance to the park, which are not always open.

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1 reviews
Value for money
Visited in january 2020
Value for money
Magnifique !
Magnifique balade de 16km au coeur du parc naturel, très bien indiquée. Des volontaires prennent plaisir à faire découvrir leur parc et les différents "rochers" où chacun laisse libre cours à son imagination pour y voir un éléphant, une grand-mère, un lion... Plusieurs points de vue sur l'immensité du territoire russe.

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