For the start of the new school year in 2021, Vulcania is unveiling its not-to-be-missed autumn news. Those who want to live a dynamic experience can start by getting on board Namazu, the park's first coaster built around the theme of earthquakes. They will also discover the monitoring and research laboratory of a team of seismologists. Also not to be missed is the film "In the eyes of Thomas Pesquet", shown on a giant screen, which allows visitors to learn more about how the astronaut prepared for space and his daily life on board the ISS. Finally, at a time when global warming is more than ever a topical issue, the film "Neige", initially proposed in a 40-minute 3D version, then in a 20-minute 2D version during the school holidays, reveals how snow is formed and its importance for the environment as well as for human activities. New good reasons to go as soon as possible to the unmissable theme park inAuvergne. More information on the Vulcania website