Watching an NBA game is one of the most exciting experiences to experience when travelling to the United States. If your destination is New York, then don't miss the opportunity to visit Madison Square Garden to see the New York Knicks play. The atmosphere in this multi-purpose sports hall not far from Times Square is simply extraordinary. Opened in 1968, it has since undergone two renovations to accommodate more than 20,000 people and go from a basketball hall to a hockey hall in a few hours for Rangers games. It has hosted major events such as the Fight of the Century between Joe Frazier and Mohamed Ali in 1971 and the concerts of Elton John and John Lennon in 1974. If you are planning to fly to The Big Apple soon, don't forget to make a very simple reservation on Hellotickets, in order to have your ticket in hand to experience the incredible experience of watching the Knicks play in the legendary Manhattan venue

How and where to buy tickets for a New York Knicks game?

Whether this is your first time in New York or not, it is best to plan your trip in advance. This applies to airline tickets, accommodation and also tickets to an NBA game. Some people think that they can buy them at the last minute or that they will buy them locally from resellers. But it is taking the risk of being misplaced or holding a counterfeit note with which it is impossible to enter. Enough to ruin an evening that looked set to be full of emotions. That is why it is advisable to book your ticket online. It is the best way to choose your location according to your budget and in addition, it is not necessary to print it, you can use your smartphone very well once on site. The Hellotickets website, available in French, is the one on which it is recommended to book your ticket. It has the best rates and is 100% reliable. To make a reservation for a New York Knicks game, simply click here

What is the best time to watch the New York Knicks play?

The NBA calendar consists of two phases: the regular NBA season begins in October and ends in late March and early April. This is the ideal time to see the New York Knicks as they play two to three times a week at Madison Square Garden. From mid-April to the end of May and the end of June, there are of course the Playoffs, but it is a more uncertain time to see the team play since it depends on the teams qualified for this second part of the NBA championship. In addition, it should be noted that in summer, it is not possible to attend an NBA game.

How to choose the best location and download your ticket?

This is a question that many visitors ask themselves, which location to choose in order to have the best possible view of the game? The price to pay depends on the budget you have and there are proposals for all wallets on the Hellotickets website. By clicking on a location on the graph representing the room, you get a preview of the view you will have when the day comes and this is a very convenient feature. The best seats are those in the middle rows, on the sides. Behind the baskets, the view is not optimal. In any case, for those with a small budget and who still want to have a good time, there is always the possibility to pay for tickets at a great price with a good view

Downloading tickets is easy. After you have purchased the tickets online, you will receive a confirmation email. Shortly before the match, another email is sent with a link to the ticket. It is then advisable to download the indicated application to be sure to have the correct version of the digital ticket. You can also add it to your Wallet if you wish. On the day of the game, just show the ticket from the smartphone!

How to get to Madison Square Garden?

Since it has a very central location in the city, in Manhattan, it is generally quite easy to get to the room. But be careful, there are people in New York, especially during work hours, so be careful to plan the trip from your accommodation to Madison Square Garden. Taxis can often be in traffic jams at certain times of the day, so wherever you are, use the metro as the best way to get to your destination on time and avoid getting stuck. The following lines serve Madison Square Garden: 1, 2, 3, N, Q, R, W, B, D, F, M, A, A, C and E.

The day of the game

When game day has arrived, plan to arrive a little earlier to have time to eat. Around the stadium, there is enough to satisfy all types of budgets. High-end restaurants, dinners where you can eat a burger or a hot dog and also street vendors who offer takeaway items. Once you get past the stadium entrance, take a look around the souvenir shops, an NBA game is an experience you may only experience once, so you should enjoy yourself with a t-shirt or a giant hand. Then, once you're comfortable, it's time to enjoy the electric atmosphere, with the cheerleading show, the moving moment of the American anthem and finally, the New York Knicks game.

Another mythical place in New York: the Barclays Centre

Another stadium offers other great sporting events in New York: the Barclays Centre. It is located in the Brooklyn area and opened in 2012, with a capacity of approximately 18,000 seats. It is very easy to get to it by public transport, and if it hosts the Islanders Hockey team and concerts, NBA fans can also see the Brooklyn Nets there. Getting there is also an opportunity to enjoy Brooklyn, another iconic part of the city that never sleeps.