"Free and passionate" is how the Château de l'Aumérade, located in Pierrefeu-du-Var, unveils in a few words its new "Marie-Christine" collection. This rosé, which is making a big comeback, is a great success for various reasons: first of all its sweetness, but also its colour with a fruity rosé with white flesh, bewitching and sublimated by the sweetness of mango... it puts everyone in agreement! As a responsible product that respects the environment, the establishment is committed to preserving biodiversity and acting for the climate. Marie-Christine rosé also means elegance, and the new 2020 vintage unveils a unique design: the famous silhouette dressed in a Perfecto and a white dress; as "a hymn to all intrepid women" as the owner Madame Grimaldi likes to remind us. For a creamy pleasure or for an original gift, go to the Château 's website to shop!