Last weekend the famous night walk "Les Galipotes" took place in Ardin with a 14 km circuit in the middle of nature. For this 18th edition, the weather was fine and so were the 2000 walkers. 250 volunteers worked hard to prepare meals and entertainment. Left at 8:00 pm from the meeting place we start the walk quietly to arrive at the 1st stand aperitif, friendly and friendly, then we take the communal paths to arrive at the 2nd stand soup. At each stop there is an animation, music group, acrobatics, short everything to have a good time. Then comes the mojhette stand and a few kilometres further on and with the headlamp on your head you arrive at the cheese and dessert stand with an 80's disco atmosphere...then it's the arrival at the starting point where there again drinks and cakes are present to regain strength. See you next year!!!