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5 experiences to live in the heart of Utah

Utah is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful states in the United States. It offers its visitors an incredible variety of landscapes, from arid deserts, mountains, valleys, huge forests and rivers. Its various national parks are legendary territories such as Monument Valley, which has long been the location for many westerns. Beyond the pleasure of the eyes, they are also the opportunity to practice a wide range of outdoor activities. On foot, by ATV or by motorcycle, there are many fun ways to explore the environment and be surprised by the erosion of the rocks and their red-orange colour. Unless you prefer to get lost in the middle of a pine forest or go rafting down the canyons. Comptoir des Voyages is an agency that offers stays in Utah in the American West, an always memorable experience in the life of travellers who love the great outdoors.

Discover Bryce Canyon National Park on horseback

Located in Utah, Bryce Canyon National Park is a land of multicolored rocks, natural arches, and amazing chimney-like geological formations called hoodoos. This fascinating landscape has been sculpted over centuries by frost, weathering, erosion and the result is magnificent. When you look at the landscape from the best vantage points, you almost feel like you are looking at a Gothic work of art. One of the most authentic ways to explore this territory is on horseback, or mule, for those who wish to do so. You can also go through the Red Canyon to discover rocks that are redder than ever. We then plunge into history by stopping to admire the petroglyphs or by imagining what might have been the places where outlaws took refuge in the past. Later, as you venture into the Dixie National Forest at the eastern end of Bryce Canyon National Park, you can change the scenery a little by crossing paths planted with ponderosa pines. Discovering Bryce Canyon National Park on horseback leads travelers to feel like a cowboy for a few unforgettable moments

Going to sleep at Bill's house

When it comes to lodging in Utah, nothing beats a few nights at the Abajo Haven Guest Cabin. Located 10 minutes from the center of Blanding, this is the best address for an authentic and quiet experience. This is the place to pack your bags in a charming, fully equipped log cabin. It also feels like a trip back in time. During the day, you can explore the riches of Utah; the hotel is located in the southeast of the state and is surrounded by some of the most beautiful national parks such as Monument Valley, Canyonlands National Park, Mesa Verde National Park and Arches National Park. You can then return home in the evening to enjoy the unique atmosphere. The owner of the establishment, Bill, prepares the barbecue and tells anecdotes, while we have a quiet drink at sunset. Discussions continue under a starry sky and around a wood fire, while the next morning we stroll around the chalet with a cup of coffee in hand, awakened by the singing of the birds and the sound of deer footsteps passing by the accommodation. A magical moment!

Rafting down the Colorado River

Need a unique experience? Then you should definitely indulge in one of the most popular water sports activities in the American West: rafting. In southern Utah, the region crossed by the mythical Colorado and named Canyonlands is a real playground for those who want to contemplate the landscape while being carried by the water, as well as take a good dose of sensations. The Colorado and its tributaries, including the Green River, make it possible to embark on inflatable rafts and indulge in a leisurely stroll during which one takes the time to admire the rock formations without the slightest effort. Then, at certain times, times of contemplation are punctuated by rapids, but rest assured, there are easy ones so that the whole family can enjoy them without any apprehension. Enough to get the adrenaline pumping just as much as getting wet, to the delight of young and old alike. The joys of calm navigation, the nuances of color offered by the geological formations that are true open-air masterpieces, are all reasons to participate in a rafting trip on the Colorado River during a stay in Utah. An activity of course supervised by a professional.

Flying over Arches National Park

Not far from the town of Moab is the exceptional Arches National Park. It is famous for its beautiful fins, cliffs, pillars and natural monuments. But what makes it special is its high concentration of arches, the largest in the world. More than 2,000 natural sandstone arches can be found in this fantastic territory, which covers an area of 310 km2. The best known are Delicate Arch, which is 20 metres high, Landscape Arch, which is the longest in the world at 89 metres and Sand Dunes Arch, which, as its name suggests, is found in sand. The red-orange colours change according to the time of day and the position of the sun and the spectacle offered is magnificent. To enjoy this incredible scenery, you can hike on foot, but you should know that from the air, the views of the different elements that make up the national park are breathtaking. So don't hesitate to get on board a small tourist plane piloted by an English-speaking professional. During a 30-minute flight, he will not hesitate to point out where the main natural curiosities of the park are located.

Try a water hike in a canyon

The Narrows are a huge gorge found at the bottom of the Zion Valley in the eponymous national park. It is here that visitors can enjoy a unique hiking experience, some of which is done with the feet in the water. It begins with the Riverside Walk, a trail along the Virgin River. The walk allows you to enjoy the local flora and fauna, especially the squirrels, which are easy to approach. Then it's time to set foot in the Virgin River and walk up it. The hike offers great views, you are surrounded by huge rock formations in front of which you feel very small. There is also a very playful side to walking in the river trying to always stay upright. The hike is completely free and can be extended for hours, just like stopping along the way and turning back. Note that in order to face the stones, slippery ground and the current, it is advisable to leave well-equipped. Equipment can be hired on site with the provision of canyoning boots, socks, wetsuit and a very useful walking stick

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