This year, the International Ceramic Fair Argillà (Argentona, Barcelona Province) will have France as a guest country, with a representation of a dozen participants, who will be installed in an exclusive space in the exhibition center "Escola Riudemeia".

In fact, 17 French artists will be the protagonists of the exhibition that will take place at the Museu del Càntir, entitled Contemporary French Ceramics (1-3 July 2022). Artists from the Viviane S. collection This highlight will be reinforced by the film exhibition Cineràmica 2022, which will be dedicated to the French artists present at the exhibition.

In addition to this representation of French ceramists, 60 ceramists have been selected for this year's fair, most of whom come from Catalonia, Spain, but there will also be representatives from Morocco, Italy, Germany, Slovenia, Poland and Ecuador

In addition, as every year, the pitcher of the year 2022, can be purchased at the fairgrounds and museum (work of the architect and designer Carme Pinós).

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